Administrative Domains – FortiManager 5.2

Administrative Domains FortiManager appliances scale to manage thousands of Fortinet devices. Administrative domains (ADOMs) enable administrators to manage only those devices that are specific to their geographic location or business division. FortiGate devices with multiple VDOMs can be divided among multiple ADOMs. If ADOMs are enabled, each administrator account is tied to an ADOM. When […]

Using The Web Based Manager – FortiManager 5.2

Using the Web-based Manager This section describes general information about using the Web-based Manager to access the Fortinet system from within a current web browser. This section includes the following topics: l System requirements l Connecting to the Web-based Manager l Web-based Manager overview l Configuring Web-based Manager settings l Reboot and shutdown of the […]

Fortinet Management Theory

Fortinet Management Theory FortiManager is an integrated platform for the centralized management of products in a Fortinet security infrastructure. A FortiManager provides centralized policy-based provisioning, configuration and update management for FortiGate (including FortiGate, FortiWiFi, and FortiGate VM), FortiCarrier, FortiSwitch, and FortiSandbox devices. To reduce network delays and minimize external Internet usage, a FortiManager installation can […]

What’s New In FortiManager version 5.2

What’s New in FortiManager version 5.2 FortiManager version 5.2 includes the following new features and enhancements. Always review all sections in the FortiManagerRelease Notes prior to upgrading your device. FortiManager version 5.2.1 FortiManager version 5.2.1 includes the following new features and enhancements. Toolbar buttons for the Policy section. l Install for admin with Restricted profile. […]

FortiManager 5.2 Administration Guide – Introduction

Introduction FortiManager Security Management appliances allow you to centrally manage any number of Fortinet Network Security devices, from several to thousands, including FortiGate, FortiWiFi, and FortiCarrier. Network administrators can better control their network by logically grouping devices into administrative domains (ADOMs), efficiently applying policies and distributing content security/firmware updates. FortiManager is one of several versatile […]