Monitoring load balancing

Monitoring load balancing

From the web-based manager you can go to Monitor > Load Balance Monitor to monitor the status of configured virtual servers and real server and start or stop the real servers. You can also use the get test ipldb command from the CLI to display similar information.

For each real server the monitor displays health status (up or down), active sessions, round trip time and the amount of bytes of data processed. From the monitor page you can also stop sending new sessions to any real server. When you select to stop sending sessions the FortiGate unit performs of graceful stop by continuing to send data for sessions that were established or persistent before you selected stop. However, no new sessions are started.


Virtual Server

The IP addresses of the existing virtual servers.


Real Server

The IP addresses of the existing real servers.


Health Status

Displays the health status according to the health check results for each real server. A green arrow means the server is up. A red arrow means the server is down.



The mode of the health check monitor. Can be active, standby, or disabled.


Monitor Events

Display each real server’s up and down times.


Active Sessions

Display each real server’s active sessions.


RTT (ms)

Displays the Round Trip TIme (RTT) of each real server. By default, the RTT is “<1”. This value will change only when ping monitoring is enabled on a real server.


Bytes Processed

Displays the traffic processed by each real server.


Graceful Stop/Start

Select to start or stop real servers. When stopping a server, the FortiGate unit will not accept new sessions but will wait for the active sessions to finish.

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