Viewing event details and Acknowledging Events – FortiAnalyzer

Viewing event details

In an event list, to view event details, double-click an event line to drill down for more details.

The event details page contains information about the event and a list of all individual logs. You can work on events using buttons in the toolbar or by right-clicking an event. l To change what columns to display, click Column Settings or Column Settings > More Columns. l In event details, to view raw logs, click Tools > Display Raw. l To switch back to formatted log view, click Tools > Formatted Log. l To return to the previous page, click the back button.

Acknowledging events

Acknowledging an event removes it from the event list. Click Show Acknowledged to view acknowledged events.

To acknowledge events:

l In the event list, select one or more events, then right-click and select Acknowledge.

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