FortiGate Cloud – Functions


FortiGate Cloud has the following functions:

Function Description
Centralized dashboard System and log widgets plus real-time monitors.
FortiView log viewer Real-time log viewing with filters and download capability.
Drilldown analysis Real-time location, user, and network activity analysis, and alert profiles.
Report generator Create custom report templates and schedule reports in different formats to display location-based analytics or illustrate network usage platforms.
Device management Scheduled configuration backup and history and script management. If using multitenancy license, includes group management.
Antivirus (AV) submission Shows the status of suspicious files undergoing cloud-based sandbox analysis.
AP and FortiSwitch management via FortiGate l  Wireless configuration:

l  View, add, and remove APs managed by FortiGates l Create and edit SSID settings l Create and edit FortiAP profiles l Create and edit WIDS profiles

l  Guest management: Add guests and notify them of credentials via SMS or email.

Zero-touch deployment Automatic connection of FortiGate devices for FortiGate Cloud management using FortiDeploy.
Multitenancy templates Create templates and push to multiple devices.


Function Description
Remote access Import local configuration to web browser and push changes to device through network.
FortiGate virtual domain (VDOM) support Support for VDOMs configured in FortiGate devices.
Active Directory (AD) management Integration with AD.
Firmware upgrade Remotely upgrade FortiOS on FortiGate devices.
Event management Set up email alerts for specific network structure emergencies, such as FortiGate Cloud losing connection to the device, or the device’s power supply failing.
Regional datacenters Datacenters located in Canada and Germany for better performance and GDPR compliance for international customers.

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