FortiOS 6.2.3 Release Notes

Change Log

Date Change Description
2019-12-19 Initial release.
2019-12-19 Updated Resolved issues and Known issues.
2019-12-20 Updated Changes in CLI defaults.
2019-12-30 Added 585122 to Resolved issues.
2020-01-02 Updated Product integration and support > FortiExtender.
2020-01-03 Updated Known issues.
2020-01-06 Updated Introduction and supported models > Special branch supported models. Removed image download note from Introduction and supported models.
2020-01-07 Added 581663 to Resolved issues.
2020-01-09 Added FG-60F, FG-61F, FG-100F, and FG-101F to Introduction and supported models > Special branch supported models.
2020-01-17 Updated Resolved issues and Known issues.

Added Special notices > System Advanced menu removal (combined with System Settings).

2020-01-20 Updated Resolved issues and Known issues.
2020-01-22 Updated New features orenhancements and Known issues.
2020-01-27 Updated Special notices > New Fortinet cloud services.
2020-02-04 Added Special notices > L2TP overIPsec on certain mobile devices (459996). Updated Resolved issues and Known issues.
2020-02-13 Added Special branch support forFortiAP-W2 231E section in Introduction and supported models.
2020-02-21 Added FG-2200E, FG-2201E, FG-3300E, and FG-3301E to Introduction and supported models > Special branch supported models.
2020-02-24 Updated Special notices, New features orenhancements, Known issues, and Resolved issues.
2020-02-25 Updated Known issues and Resolved issues.

Introduction and supported models

This guide provides release information for FortiOS 6.2.3 build 1066.

For FortiOS documentation, see the Fortinet Document Library.

Supported models

FG-30E-MG is released on build 8255.
FG-60E-DSL is released on build 6164.

FortiOS 6.2.3 supports the following models.

FortiGate FG-30E, FG-30E_3G4G_INTL, FG-30E_3G4G_NAM, FG-50E, FG-51E, FG-52E, FG-60E,

FG-60E-POE, FG-61E, FG-80D, FG-80E, FG-80E-POE, FG-81E, FG-81E-POE, FG-90E, FG-92D, FG-100D, FG-100E, FG-100EF, FG-101E, FG-140D, FG-140D-POE, FG-140E,

FG-140E-POE, FG-200E, FG-201E, FG-300D, FG-300E, FG-301E, FG-400D, FG-400E,

FG-401E, FG-500D, FG-500E, FG-501E, FG-600D, FG-600E, FG-601E, FG-800D,

FG-900D, FG-1000D, FG-1200D, FG-1500D, FG-1500DT, FG-2000E, FG-2500E, FG3000D, FG-3100D, FG-3200D, FG-3400E, FG-3401E, FG-3600E, FG-3601E, FG-3700D, FG-3800D, FG-3810D, FG-3815D, FG-5001D, FG-3960E, FG-3980E, FG-5001E, FG-5001E1

FortiWiFi FWF-30E, FWF-30E_3G4G_INTL, FWF-30E_3G4G_NAM, FWF-50E, FWF-50E-2R, FWF-51E, FWF-60E, FWF-61E
FortiGate Rugged FGR-30D, FGR-35D, FGR-90D




Pay-as-you-go images FOS-VM64, FOS-VM64-KVM, FOS-VM64-XEN
FortiOS Carrier FortiOS Carrier 6.2.3 images are delivered on request and are not available on the Beta portal.

Special branch supported models

The following models are released on a special branch of FortiOS 6.2.3. To confirm that you are running the correct build, run the CLI command get system status and check that the Branch point field shows 1066.


Introduction and supported models

FG-60E-DSLJ is released on build 6164.
FG-60F is released on build 6188.
FG-61F is released on build 6188.
FG-100F is released on build 6188.
FG-101F is released on build 6188.
FG-1100E is released on build 5401.
FG-1101E is released on build 5401.
FG-2200E is released on build 8329.
FG-2201E is released on build 8329.
FG-3300E is released on build 8329.
FG-3301E is released on build 8329.
FWF-60E-DSL is released on build 6164.
FWF-60E-DSLJ is released on build 6164.

Special branch support for FortiAP-W2 231

A special branch for FortiOS 6.2.3 to support the FortiAP-W2 231E has been released. You may download the FortiOS images on the Fortinet Customer Service & Support site under the following directory:


Supplemental Release Notes are available.

The FortiAP-W2 231E is supported in FortiAP-W2 6.2.3.

Special notices

  • New Fortinet cloud services l FortiGuard Security Rating Service
  • Using FortiManager as a FortiGuard server on page 10 l FortiGate hardware limitation l CAPWAP traffic offloading
  • FortiClient (Mac OS X) SSL VPN requirements l Use of dedicated management interfaces (mgmt1 and mgmt2) l NP4lite platforms l Tags option removed from GUI
  • System Advanced menu removal (combined with System Settings) on page 11 l L2TP over IPsec on certain mobile devices on page 12 l Application group improvements on page 12 l NGFW mode on page 12

New Fortinet cloud services

FortiOS 6.2.0 introduced several new cloud-based services listed below. The new services require updates to FortiCare and Fortinet’s FortiCloud single sign-on (SSO) service.

  • Overlay Controller VPN
  • FortiGuard Cloud-Assist SD-WAN Interface Bandwidth Monitoring l FortiManager Cloud l FortiAnalyzer Cloud

FortiGuard Security Rating Service

Not all FortiGate models can support running the FortiGuard Security Rating Service as a Fabric “root” device. The following FortiGate platforms can run the FortiGuard Security Rating Service when added to an existing Fortinet Security Fabric managed by a supported FortiGate model: l FGR-30D l FGR-35D l FGT-30E l FGT-30E-MI l FGT-30E-MN l FGT-50E l FGT-51E l FGT-52E

  • FWF-30E l FWF-30E-MI l FWF-30E-MN l FWF-50E l FWF-50E-2R l FWF-51E

Using FortiManager as a FortiGuard server

If you use FortiManager as a FortiGuard server, and you configure the FortiGate to use a secure connection to FortiManager, you must use HTTPS with port 8888. HTTPS with port 53 is not supported.

FortiGate hardware limitation

FortiOS 5.4.0 reported an issue with the FG-92D model in the Special Notices > FG-92D High Availability in Interface Mode section of the release notes. Those issues, which were related to the use of port 1 through 14, include:

  • PPPoE failing, HA failing to form. l IPv6 packets being dropped. l FortiSwitch devices failing to be discovered. l Spanning tree loops may result depending on the network topology.

FG-92D does not support STP. These issues have been improved in FortiOS 5.4.1, but with some side effects with the introduction of a new command, which is enabled by default:

config global set hw-switch-ether-filter <enable | disable>

When the command is enabled:

  • ARP (0x0806), IPv4 (0x0800), and VLAN (0x8100) packets are allowed. l BPDUs are dropped and therefore no STP loop results. l PPPoE packets are dropped. l IPv6 packets are dropped. l FortiSwitch devices are not discovered. l HA may fail to form depending the network topology.

When the command is disabled:

  • All packet types are allowed, but depending on the network topology, an STP loop may result.


CAPWAP traffic offloading

CAPWAP traffic will not offload if the ingress and egress traffic ports are on different NP6 chips. It will only offload if both ingress and egress ports belong to the same NP6 chip. The following models are affected: l FG-900D l FG-1000D l FG-2000E l FG-2500E

FortiClient (Mac OS X) SSL VPN requirements

When using SSL VPN on Mac OS X 10.8, you must enable SSLv3 in FortiOS.

Use of dedicated management interfaces (mgmt1 and mgmt2)

Bug ID Description
584254 l Removed System > Advanced menu (moved most features to System > Settings page).

For optimum stability, use management ports (mgmt1 and mgmt2) for management traffic only. Do not use management ports for general user traffic.

NP4lite platforms

FortiOS 6.2 and later does not support NP4lite platforms.

Tags option removed from GUI

The Tags option is removed from the GUI. This includes the following:

l The System > Tags page is removed. l The Tags section is removed from all pages that had a Tags section. l The Tags column is removed from all column selections.

System Advanced menu removal (combined with System Settings)

Bug ID Description
  l Moved configuration script upload feature to top menu > Configuration > Scripts page. l Removed GUI support for auto-script configuration (the feature is still supported in the CLI). l Converted all compliance tests to security rating tests.

L2TP over IPsec on certain mobile devices

Bug ID Description
459996 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 and Android 9.0 crash after L2TP over IPsec is connected.

Application group improvements

Bug ID Description
565309 Application Group improvements.

NGFW mode

Bug ID Description
584314 NGFW mode should have a link to show list of all applications.

Changes in default behavior


  • Removed dependency between gui-per-policy-disclaimer in the system setting and per-policydisclaimer in the user setting.
  • There is a new default any-to-any-all-to-all policy after changing from NGFW mode to policy-based mode.


l In the Feature Visibility page, the Per-policy Disclaimer option name was changed to Policy Disclaimer. l Firewall Policy was renamed to SSL Inspection & Authentication after changing from NGFW mode to policybased mode.

WiFi Controller

The default extension information setting in wtp-profile has changed from disable to enable.

Previous releases 6.2.3 release
config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <FAP-Profile> set ext-info-enable disable



config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <FAP-Profile> set ext-info-enable enable <== changed



The default platform type in wtp-profile has changed from 220B to 221E.

Previous releases 6.2.3 release
config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <New profile> config platform set type 220B




config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <New profile> config platform set type 221E <== changed





Changes in CLI defaults

Routing l auxiliary-session {enable | disable} option added at the VDOM level.


Previous releases 6.2.3 release
config webfilter profile edit “encrypted-web” set comment ” set replacemsg-group ” unset options config file-filter set status enable set log enable set scan-archive-contents enable config entries edit “1” set comment ” config webfilter profile edit “encrypted-web” set comment ” set replacemsg-group ” unset options config file-filter set status enable set log enable set scan-archive-contents enable config entries edit “1” set comment ”
  • Consolidate FortiTelemetry and capwap into fabric to allow Security Fabric access in system interface.
Previous releases 6.2.3 release
config system interface edit <Port number> set allowaccess capwap <== Removed set fortiheartbeat <== Removed



config system interface edit <Port number> set allowaccess fabric <== New



  • Add execute factoryreset-shutdown to combine the functionality of the factory-reset and shutdown l Add more functions for SMC NTP and the ability to get information from SMC NTP:

config system smc-ntp <== New set ntpsync disable <== New set syncinterval 60 <== New

set channel 5 <== New end

Web Filter l Enable file-filter password protected blocked for 7Z, RAR, PDF, MSOffice, and MSOfficeX.

Changes in CLI defaults

Previous releases 6.2.3 release
set protocol http ftp set action log set direction any set password-protected

yes set file-type “zip” <==

only zip can be selected next





set protocol http ftp set action log set direction any set password-protected

yes set file-type “zip” “7z” “msoffice” “msofficex” “pdf” “rar” <==changed next





WiFi Controller l FAP-U431F and FAP-U433F can support 802.11ax on 2.4 GHz radio-2 when the platform mode is single-5G.

Previous releases 6.2.3 release
config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit “FAPU431F-default” config platform set type U431F set mode single-5G

end config radio-1 set band 802.11ax-5G

end config radio-2 set band ?

802.11b 802.11b.

802.11g 802.11g/b.

802.11n 802.11n/g/b at 2.4GHz.

802.11n,g-only 802.11n/g at 2.4GHz.

802.11g-only 802.11g.

802.11n-only 802.11n at

2.4GHz. end config radio-3 set mode monitor




config edit







wireless-controller wtp-profile

“FAPU431F-default” config platform set type U431F set mode single-5G

end config radio-1 set band 802.11ax-5G

end config radio-2 set band ?

802.11b 802.11b.

802.11g 802.11g/b.

802.11n 802.11n/g/b at

802.11ax 802.11ax/n/g/b at


802.11n,g-only 802.11n/g at

802.11g-only 802.11g.

802.11n-only 802.11n at

802.11ax,n-only 802.11ax/n at



x/n/g at 2.4GHz. <==added

802.11ax-only 802.11ax at

Changes in CLI defaults

Previous releases 6.2.3 release
  2.4GHz.<==added end config radio-3 set mode monitor




Resolved Issues

Bug ID Description
574882 FAP-U431F and FAP-U433F can support 802.11ax on 2.4 GHz radio-2 when the platform mode is single-5G.

config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit “FAPU431F-default” config platform set type U431F set mode single-5G

end config radio-1 set band 802.11ax-5G

end config radio-2 set band 802.11ax

end config radio-3 set mode monitor




Changes in default values

Bug ID Description
548906 Change default extension information setting in wtp-profile from disable to enable.

config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <FAP-Profile> set ext-info-enable enable <== changed



585889 Change default platform type setting in wtp-profile from 220B to 221E.

config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <New profile> config platform set type 221E <== changed





Changes in table size

Bug ID Description
599271 Except for desktop models, all other platforms’ table size of VIP real servers are increased as follows:

l 1U platforms increased from 8 to 16 l 2U platforms increased from 32 to 64 l High-end platforms increased from 32 to 256


New features or enhancements

Bug ID Description
529445 In wids-profile, add the new ap-scan-threshold setting, which is the minimum signal level of rogue APs detected and required by the managed FortiAP devices. Only the rogue APs with a signal level higher than the threshold will be reported to the FortiGate WiFi Controller.

config wireless-controller wids-profile edit <WIDS-profile-name> set ap-scan enable set ap-scan-threshold “-80”



The range of ap-scan-threshold, in dBm, is -95 to -20 (default = -90).

553372 Under Administrative Access, CAPWAP and FortiTelemetry have been combined into one option labelled Fabric Connection. If either CAPWAP or FortiTelemetry were enabled on a particular interface, the new fabric option will be enabled after upgrading.
557614 FortiGate support for NSX-T v2.4: East/West traffic.
562394 Add support for EMS cloud:

l Added CMDB attribute fortinet-one-cloud-authentication to FortiClient EMS table. l Added curl verbose diagnosis debugs to FortiClient NAC daemon for debug images. l Added fortiems-cloud option to type attribute in user.fsso table.

571639 Add support for tracking number of hits to a policy route:

l  Policy route hit counter and last used tag added to each policy displayed in diagnose firewall proute list command.

l  New CLI command diagnose firewall proute show, displays policy route hit counter and last used for a given proute id, (if 0, dumps all).

l  New CLI command diagnose firewall proute clear, clears policy route hit counter and last used for a given proute id, (if 0, clears all).

573568 Change public IP and routing table entries allocated in different resource groups in Azure HA.

In an Azure HA scenario, the EIP and route table to fail over is specified in the SDN connector configuration. A new attribute, resource-group, is added to allow customers to specify the resource group that a EIP or route table is from. This new attribute can be empty so upgrade code is not needed.

If the resource-group of the EIP or route table is not provided, it is assumed the resource comes from the same resource group as the SDN connector setting (if it is not set there, assume the same resource group as the FortiGate itself by getting it from the instance metadata).

579484 Limit OCVPN spoke to only join existing overlay.
580889 DPDK support on FortiOS VM platform.


New features or enhancements

Bug ID Description
591567 Add support for additional SHA-2 algorithms with SNMPv3.
593148 Update interface-related pages to use AngularJS and muTable.

Interfaces list:

l  Radio buttons in the top-right corner let users switch between grouping by type, role, and sort lists alphabetically have been removed. There is a dropdown instead with the following options:

l  Group by type l Group by zone l Group by status, l Group by role l No grouping

l  Zones do not support parent-child relationships anymore.

l  The DHCP Server column has been divided into two separate columns, DHCP Clients and DHCP Ranges.

l  CSF support has been added. When switching to a downstream device, both the list and the faceplate should update.

l  For VDOMs, administrators can only view complete information about interfaces for the VDOM they are in. This applies even to administrators who have access to more than one VDOM.

l  On devices that support VLAN switching, the VLAN Switch Mode toggle has been removed from the list page. It now shows up under System> Settings.

l  Faceplates do not auto-refresh on page load anymore. For auto-refresh, users need to enable the muTable refresh feature from the button in the bottom-right corner.

Interfaces dialog:

l  Under Administrative Access, CAPWAP and FortiTelemetry have been combined into one option labelled Fabric Connection.

l  The secondary IP address toggle has been moved from the Miscellaneous section to the Address section.

l  A gutter has been added that displays the device hostname,the interface it belongs to, and relevant help links.

CLI changes:

l Consolidate fortitelemetry and capwap into fabric for allowaccess in system.interface.

Upgrade Information

Supported upgrade path information is available on the Fortinet Customer Service & Support site.

To view supported upgrade path information:

  1. Go to
  2. From the Download menu, select Firmware Images.
  3. Check that Select Product is FortiGate.
  4. Click the Upgrade Path tab and select the following:

l Current Product l Current FortiOS Version l Upgrade To FortiOS Version

  1. Click Go.

Device detection changes

In FortiOS 6.0.x, the device detection feature contains multiple sub-components, which are independent:

  • Visibility – Detected information is available for topology visibility and logging.
  • FortiClient endpoint compliance – Information learned from FortiClient can be used to enforce compliance of those endpoints.
  • Device-based policies – Device type/category and detected devices/device groups can be defined as custom devices, and then used in device-based policies.

In 6.2, these functionalities have changed:

  • Visibility – Configuration of the feature remains the same as FortiOS 6.0, including FortiClient information. l FortiClient endpoint compliance – A new fabric connector replaces this, and aligns it with all other endpoint connectors for dynamic policies. For more information, see Dynamic Policy FortiClient EMS (Connector) in the FortiOS 6.2.0 New Features Guide.
  • Mac-address-based policies – A new address type is introduced (Mac Address Range), which can be used in regular policies. The previous device policy feature can be achieved by manually defining MAC addresses, and then adding them to regular policy table in 6.2. For more information, see MAC Addressed-Based Policies in the FortiOS 6.2.0 New Features Guide.

If you were using device policies in 6.0.x, you will need to migrate these policies to the regular policy table manually after upgrade. After upgrading to 6.2.0:

  1. Create MAC-based firewall addresses for each device.
  2. Apply the addresses to regular IPv4 policy table.

FortiClient Endpoint Telemetry license

Starting with FortiOS 6.2.0, the FortiClient Endpoint Telemetry license is deprecated. The FortiClient Compliance profile under the Security Profiles menu has been removed as has the Enforce FortiClient Compliance Check option under each interface configuration page. Endpoints running FortiClient 6.2.0 now register only with FortiClient EMS 6.2.0 and compliance is accomplished through the use of Compliance Verification Rules configured on FortiClient EMS 6.2.0 and enforced through the use of firewall policies. As a result, there are two upgrade scenarios:

  • Customers using only a FortiGate device in FortiOS 6.0 to enforce compliance must install FortiClient EMS 6.2.0 and purchase a FortiClient Security Fabric Agent License for their FortiClient EMS installation.
  • Customers using both a FortiGate device in FortiOS 6.0 and FortiClient EMS running 6.0 for compliance enforcement, must upgrade the FortiGate device to FortiOS 6.2.0, FortiClient to 6.2.0, and FortiClient EMS to 6.2.0.

The FortiClient 6.2.0 for MS Windows standard installer and zip package containing FortiClient.msi and language transforms and the FortiClient 6.2.0 for macOS standard installer are included with FortiClient EMS 6.2.0.

Fortinet Security Fabric upgrade

FortiOS 6.2.3 greatly increases the interoperability between other Fortinet products. This includes:

  • FortiAnalyzer 6.2.3 l FortiClient EMS 6.2.0 l FortiClient 6.2.2 l FortiAP 5.4.4 and later l FortiSwitch 3.6.9 and later

Upgrade the firmware of each product in the correct order. This maintains network connectivity without the need to use manual steps.

If the Security Fabric is enabled, then all FortiGate devices must be upgraded to 6.2.3. When the Security Fabric is enabled in FortiOS 6.2.3, all FortiGate devices must be running FortiOS 6.2.3.

Minimum version of TLS services automatically changed

For improved security, FortiOS 6.2.3 uses the ssl-min-proto-version option (under config system global) to control the minimum SSL protocol version used in communication between FortiGate and third-party SSL and TLS services.

When you upgrade to FortiOS 6.2.3 and later, the default ssl-min-proto-version option is TLS v1.2. The following SSL and TLS services inherit global settings to use TLS v1.2 as the default. You can override these settings.

  • Email server (config system email-server) l Certificate (config vpn certificate setting) l FortiSandbox (config system fortisandbox)


  • FortiGuard (config log fortiguard setting) l FortiAnalyzer (config log fortianalyzer setting) l LDAP server (config user ldap) l POP3 server (config user pop3)

Downgrading to previous firmware versions

Downgrading to previous firmware versions results in configuration loss on all models. Only the following settings are retained:

  • operation mode l interface IP/management IP l static route table l DNS settings l admin user account l session helpers l system access profiles

Amazon AWS enhanced networking compatibility issue

With this enhancement, there is a compatibility issue with 5.6.2 and older AWS VM versions. After downgrading a 6.2.3 image to a 5.6.2 or older version, network connectivity is lost. Since AWS does not provide console access, you cannot recover the downgraded image.

When downgrading from 6.2.3 to 5.6.2 or older versions, running the enhanced NIC driver is not allowed. The following AWS instances are affected:










Inf1 m4.16xlarge



M5ad M5d








R5ad R5d





u-6tb1.metal u-9tb1.metal u-12tb1.metal u-18tb1.metal u-24tb1.metal

X1 X1e z1d

A workaround is to stop the instance, change the type to a non-ENA driver NIC type, and continue with downgrading.

FortiLink access-profile setting

The new FortiLink local-access profile controls access to the physical interface of a FortiSwitch that is managed by FortiGate.

After upgrading FortiGate to 6.2.3, the interface allowaccess configuration on all managed FortiSwitches are overwritten by the default FortiGate local-access profile. You must manually add your protocols to the localaccess profile after upgrading to 6.2.3.

To configure local-access profile:

config switch-controller security-policy local-access edit [Policy Name] set mgmt-allowaccess https ping ssh set internal-allowaccess https ping ssh



To apply local-access profile to managed FortiSwitch:

config switch-controller managed-switch edit [FortiSwitch Serial Number] set switch-profile [Policy Name] set access-profile [Policy Name]



FortiGate VM with V-license

This version allows FortiGate VM with V-License to enable split-vdom.

To enable split-vdom:

config system global set vdom-mode [no-vdom | split vdom]


FortiGate VM firmware

Fortinet provides FortiGate VM firmware images for the following virtual environments:

Citrix XenServer and Open Source XenServer

  • .out: Download the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains the QCOW2 file for Open Source XenServer.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains the Citrix XenServer Virtual Appliance (XVA), Virtual Hard Disk (VHD), and OVF files.

Linux KVM

  • .out: Download the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains QCOW2 that can be used by qemu.

Microsoft Hyper-V

  • .out: Download the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains three folders that can be imported by Hyper-V Manager on Hyper-V 2012. It also contains the file vhd in the Virtual Hard Disks folder that can be manually added to the Hyper-V Manager.

VMware ESX and ESXi

  • .out: Download either the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download either the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains Open Virtualization Format (OVF) files for VMware and two Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) files used by the OVF file during deployment.

Firmware image checksums

The MD5 checksums for all Fortinet software and firmware releases are available at the Customer Service & Support portal, After logging in select Download > Firmware Image Checksums, enter the image file name including the extension, and select Get Checksum Code.

FortiGuard update-server-location setting

The FortiGuard update-server-location default setting is different between hardware platforms and VMs. On hardware platforms, the default is any. On VMs, the default is usa.

On VMs, after upgrading from 5.6.3 or earlier to 5.6.4 or later (including 6.0.0 or later), update-server-location is set to usa.

If necessary, set update-server-location to use the nearest or low-latency FDS servers.

To set FortiGuard update-server-location:

config system fortiguard set update-server-location [usa|any] end

FortiView widgets

FortiView widgets have been rewritten in 6.2.3. FortiView widgets created in previous versions are deleted in the upgrade.


Product integration and support

The following table lists FortiOS 6.2.3 product integration and support information:

Web Browsers l Microsoft Edge 44 l Mozilla Firefox version 71 l Google Chrome version 78

Other web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

Explicit Web Proxy Browser l Microsoft Edge 42 l Mozilla Firefox version 71 l Google Chrome version 78 l Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11

Other web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

FortiManager See important compatibility information in Fortinet Security Fabric upgrade on page 22. For the latest information, see FortiManager compatibility with FortiOS in the Fortinet Document Library.

Upgrade FortiManager before upgrading FortiGate.

FortiAnalyzer See important compatibility information in Fortinet Security Fabric upgrade on page 22. For the latest information, see FortiAnalyzer compatibility with FortiOS in the Fortinet Document Library.

Upgrade FortiAnalyzer before upgrading FortiGate.


l Microsoft Windows l Mac OS X l Linux

l 6.2.0

See important compatibility information in FortiClient Endpoint Telemetry license on page 22 and Fortinet Security Fabric upgrade on page 22.

FortiClient for Linux is supported on Ubuntu 16.04 and later, Red Hat 7.4 and later, and CentOS 7.4 and later.

If you are using FortiClient only for IPsec VPN or SSL VPN, FortiClient version 5.6.0 and later are supported.

FortiClient iOS l 6.2.0 and later
FortiClient Android and FortiClient VPN Android l 6.2.0 and later
FortiAP l 5.4.2 and later l 5.6.0 and later
FortiAP-S l 5.4.3 and later l 5.6.0 and later
FortiAP-U l 5.4.5 and later


FortiAP-W2 l 5.6.0 and later
FortiSwitch OS

(FortiLink support)

l 3.6.9 and later
FortiController l 5.2.5 and later

Supported models: FCTL-5103B, FCTL-5903C, FCTL-5913C

FortiSandbox l 2.3.3 and later
Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO) l 5.0 build 0287 and later (needed for FSSO agent support OU in group filters) l Windows Server 2019 Standard l Windows Server 2019 Datacenter l Windows Server 2019 Core l Windows Server 2016 Datacenter l Windows Server 2016 Standard l Windows Server 2016 Core l Windows Server 2012 Standard l Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard l Windows Server 2012 Core l Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) l Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit l Windows Server 2008 Core l Novell eDirectory 8.8
FortiExtender l 4.1.2
AV Engine l 6.00132
IPS Engine l 5.00043
Virtualization Environments  
Citrix l XenServer version 7.1
Linux KVM l Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS l QEMU emulator version 2.11.1 (Debian 1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.21) l libvirtd (libvirt) 4.0.0
Microsoft l Hyper-V Server 2012 R2, and 2016
Open Source l XenServer version 3.4.3 l XenServer version 4.1 and later
VMware l  ESX versions 4.0 and 4.1

l  ESXi versions 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, and 6.7

VM Series – SR-IOV The following NIC chipset cards are supported:

l Intel 82599 l Intel X540 l Intel X710/XL710

Language support

The following table lists language support information.

Language support

Language GUI
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazil)

SSL VPN support

SSL VPN standalone client

The following table lists SSL VPN tunnel client standalone installer for the following operating systems.

Operating system and installers

Operating System Installer
Linux CentOS 6.5 / 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Linux Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 (32-bit & 64-bit)

2336. Download from the Fortinet Developer Network:

Other operating systems may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

SSL VPN web mode

The following table lists the operating systems and web browsers supported by SSL VPN web mode.

Supported operating systems and web browsers

Operating System Web Browser
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit) Mozilla Firefox version 61

Google Chrome version 68

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox version 61

Google Chrome version 68

Linux CentOS 6.5 / 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) Mozilla Firefox version 54
OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Apple Safari version 11

Mozilla Firefox version 61

Google Chrome version 68

iOS Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Android Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Other operating systems and web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

SSL VPN host compatibility list

The following table lists the antivirus and firewall client software packages that are supported.

Supported Microsoft Windows XP antivirus and firewall software

Product Antivirus   Firewall
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11  
Kaspersky Antivirus 2009    
McAfee Security Center 8.1  
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro  
F-Secure Internet Security 2009  

Supported Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit antivirus and firewall software

Product Antivirus Firewall
CA Internet Security Suite Plus Software
AVG Internet Security 2011    
F-Secure Internet Security 2011
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
McAfee Internet Security 2011
Norton 360™ Version 4.0
Norton™ Internet Security 2011
Panda Internet Security 2011
Sophos Security Suite
Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security
ZoneAlarm Security Suite
Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0


Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed in version 6.2.3. For inquires about a particular bug, please contact Customer Service & Support.

Anti Virus

Bug ID Description
590092 Cannot clear scanunit vdom-stats to reset the statistics on ATP widget.
590170 Policy in flow mode blocking .JAR archive files.

Data Leak Prevention

Bug ID Description
586689 Downloading a file with FTP client in EPSV mode will hang.
591676 Enable file filter password protected blocked for 7Z, RAR, PDF, MSOffice, and MSOfficeX.

DNS Filter

Bug ID Description
561297 DNS filtering does not perform well on the zone transfer when a large DNS zone’s AXFR response consists of one or more messages.
563441 7K DNS filter breaking DNS zone transfer.
574980 DNS translation is not working when request is checked against the local FortiGate.
583449 DNS filter explicit block all (wildcard FQDN) not working in 6.2 firmware.
586526 Unable to change DNS filter profile category action after upgrading from 6.0.5 to 6.2.0.

Explicit Proxy

Bug ID Description
504011 FortiGate does not generate traffic logs for SOCKS proxy.
588211 WAD cannot learn policy if multiple policies use the same FQDN address.
589065 FSSO-based NTLM sessions from explicit proxy do not respect timeout duration and type.
589811 urfilter process does not started when adding a category as dstaddr in a proxy policy with the deny action.
590942 AV does not forward reply when GET for FTP over HTTP is used.


Bug ID Description
508015 Editing a policy in the GUI changes the FSSO setting to disable.
558996 FortiGate sends type-3 code-1 IP unreachable for VIP.
584451 NGFW default block page partially loads.
585073 Adding too many address objects to a local-in policy causes all blocking to fail.
585122 Should not be allowed to rename VIP or address with the same name as an existing VIP group or address group object.
590039 Samsung OEM internet browser cannot connect to FortiGate VS/VIP.
597110 When creating a firewall address with the associated-interface setting, CMD gets stuck if there is a large nested address group.


Bug ID Description
582341 On Policies page, consolidated policies are without names and tooltips; tooltips not working for security policies.


Bug ID Description
282160 GUI does not show byte information for aggregate and VLAN interface.
303651 Should hide Override internal DNS option if vdom-dns is set to disable.
438298 When VDOM is enabled, the interface faceplate should only show data for interfaces managed by the admin.
451306 Add a tooltip for IPS Rate Based Signatures.
460698 There is no uptime information in the HA Status widget for the slave unit’s GUI.
467495 A wrong warning message appears that the source interface has no members after enabling an inserted proxy policy.
478472 Options 150, 15, and 51 for the DHCP server should not be shown after removing them and having no related configuration in the backend.
480731 Interface filter gets incorrect result (EMAC VLAN, VLAN ID, etc.) when entries are collapsed.
482437 SD-WAN member number is not correct in Interfaces page.
493527 Compliance events GUI page does not load when redirected from the advanced compliance page.
498892 GUI shows wrong relationship between VLAN and physical interface after adding them to a zone.
502962 Get “Fail to retrieve info” for default VDOM link on Network > Interfaces page.
505066 Not possible to select value for DN field in LDAP GUI browser.
510685 Hardware Switch row is shown indicating a number of interfaces but without any interfaces below.
514027 Cannot disable CORS setting on GUI.
531376 Get “Internal Server Error” when editing an aggregate link that has a name with a space in it.
534853 Suggest GUI Interfaces list includes SIT tunnels.
536718 Cannot change MAC address settting when configuring a reserved DHCP client.
536843 LACP aggregate interface flaps when adding/removing a member interface (first position in member list).
537307 “Failed to retrieve info” message appears for ha-mgmt-interface in Network > Interfaces.
538125 Hovering mouse over FortiExtender virtual interface shows incorrect information.
587673 On Proxy Policy page, the default view method (Interface PairView) is not clickable.
540098 GUI does not display the status for VLAN and loopback in the Network > Interfaces > Status column.
542544 In Log & Report, filtering for blank values (None) always shows no results.
544442 Virtual IPs page should not show port range dialog box when the protocol is ICMP.


Bug ID Description
552811 Scripts pushed from FortiCloud do not show up in System > Advanced Settings when FortiCloud remote access is used.
553290 The tooltip for VLAN interfaces displays as “Failed to retrieve info”.
555687 Network mask of a VPN interface is changed to without an actual configuration change.
559866 When sending CSF proxied request, segfault happens (httpsd crashes) if FortiExplorer accesses root FortiGate via the management tunnel.
560206 Change/remove FortiCloud standalone reference.
563053 Warning messages for third-party transceivers were removed in 6.2.1 to prevent excessive RMA or support tickets. In 6.2.2, warnings were re-added for third-party transceivers.
565748 New interface pair consolidated policy added via CLI is not displayed on GUI policy page.
566414 Application Name field shows vuln_id for custom signature, not its application name in logs.
567369 Cannot save DHCP Relay configuration when the Relay IP address list is separated by a comma.
571909 SSL VPN Settings page shows undefined error.
573456 FortiGate without disk email alert settings page should remove Disk usage exceeds option.
574101 Empty firmware version in managed FortiSwitch from FortiGate GUI.
582658 Email filter page keeps loading and cannot create a new profile when the VDOM admin only has emailfilter permission.
583049 Internal server error while trying to create a new interface.
584419 Issue with application and filter overrides.
584426 Add Selected button does not show up under FSSO Fabric Connector with custom admin profile.
584560 GUI does not have the option to disable the interface when creating a VLAN interface.
586604 No matching IPS signatures are found when Severity or Target filter is applied.
586749 Enable/disable Disarm and Reconstruction in the GUI only affects the SMTP protocol in AV profiles.
587091 When logged in as administrator with web filter read/write only privilege, the Web Rating Overrides GUI page cannot load.
588028 If the Endpoint Control feature is disabled, the exempt options for captive portal are not shown in the GUI.
588222 WAN Opt. Monitor displays Total Savings as negative integers during file transfers.
588665 Option to reset statistics from Monitor> WAN Opt. Monitor in GUI does not clear the counters.
589085 Web filter profile warning message when logged in with read/write admin on VDOM environment.
Bug ID Description
592244 VIPs dialog page should be able to create VIP with the same extip/extport but different source IP address.
593433 DHCP offset option 2 has to be removed before changing the address range for the DHCP server in the GUI.
594162 Interface hierarchy is not respected in the GUI when a LAG interface belongs to SD-WAN and its VLANs belong to a zone.
594565 Wrong Sub-Category appears in the Edit Web Rating Override page.
Bug ID Description
540718 Signal 14 alarm crashes were observed on DFA rebuild.
579018 IPS engine 5.030 signal 14 alarm clock crash at nturbo_on_event.
586608 The CPU consumption of ipsengine gets high with customer configuration file.


Bug ID Description
479780 Slave fails to send and receive HA heartbeat when configuring cfg-revert setting on FG-2500E.
540632 In HA, management-ip that is set on a hardware switch interface does not respond to ping after executing reboot.
575020 HA failing config sync on VM01 with error (slave and master have different hdisk status) when master is pre-configured.
581906 HA slave sending out GARP packets in 16-20 seconds after HA monitored interface failed.
585348 default-gateway injected by dynamic-gateway on PPP interface deleted by other interface down.
585675 exe backup disk alllogs ftp command causes FortiGate to enter conserve mode.
586004 Moving VDOM via GUI between virtual clusters causes cluster to go out of sync and VDOM state work/standby does not change.
586835 HA slave unable to get checksum from master. HA sync in Z state.
590931 Multiple PPPoE connections on a single interface does not sync PPPoE dynamic assigned IP and cannot start re-negotiation.

Intrusion Prevention IPsec VPN

Bug ID Description
577502 OCVPN cannot register—status “Undefined”.
582251 IKEv2 with EAP peer ID authentication validation does not work.
582876 ADVPN connections from the hub disconnects one-by-one and IKE gets stuck.
584982 The customer is unable to log in to VPN with RADIUS intermittently.
Bug ID Description
525328 External resource does not support no content length.
549660 WAD crash with signal 11.
573028 WAD crash causing traffic interruption.

Log & Report

Bug ID Description
578057 Action field in traffic log cannot record security policy action—it shows the consolidated policy action.
580887 No traffic log after reducing miglogd child to 1.
586038 FortiOS 6.0.6 reports too long VPN tunnel durations in local report.
590598 Log viewer application control cannot show any logs (page is stuck loading).
590852 Log filter can return empty result when there are too many logs, but the filter result is small.
591152 IPS logs set srcintf(role)/dstinf(role) reversely at the time of IPS signature reverse pattern.
591523 When refreshing logs in GUI, some log_se processes are running extremely long and consuming CPU.
593907 Miglogd still uses the daylight savings time after the daylight savings end.
596278 sentdelta and rcvddelta showing 0 if syslog format is set to CSV.
599860 When logtraffic is set to all, existing sessions cannot change the egress interfaces when the routing table is updated with a new outgoing interface.


Bug ID Description
579400 High CPU with authd process caused by WAD paring multiple line content-encoding error and IPC broken between wad and authd.
580592 Policy in proxy-based mode with AV and WAF profile denies access to Nginx with enabled gzip compression.
584719 WAD reads ftp over-limit multi-line response incorrectly.
587214 WAD crash for wad_ssl_port_on_ocsp_notify.
587987 In case of TLS 1.3 with certificate inspection and a certificate with an empty CN name, WAD workers would locate a random size for CN name and then cause unexpected high memory usage in WAD workers.
592153 Potential memory leak that will be triggered by certificate inspection CIC connection in WAD.
593365 WAD crash due to user learned from proxy not purged from the kernel when user is deleted from proxy or zone with empty interface member.
594237 Slow download speed in proxy-based mode compared to flow-based mode.
594725 WAD memory leak detected on cert_hash in wad_ssl_cert.
596012 Receive SSL fatal alert with source IP


Bug ID Description
587470 REST API to support revision flag.


Bug ID Description
371453 OSPF translated type 5 LSA not flushed according to RFC-3101.
524229 SD-WAN health-check keep records useless logs under some circumstances.
570686 FortiOS 6.2.1 introduces asymmetric return path on the hub in SD-WAN after the link change due to SLA on the spoke.
582078 ISDB ID is changed after restoring the configuration under the situation where the FortiGate has a previous ISDB version.
584095 SD-WAN option of set gateway enable/set default enable override available on connected routes.
Bug ID Description
584477 In transparent mode with asymmetric routing, packet in the reply direction does not use asymmetric route.
585027 There is no indication in proute if the SD-WAN service is default or not.
585325 IPv6 route cannot be inactive after link-monitor is down when link-monitor are set with ipv4 and ipv6.
587198 After failover/recovery of link, E2 route with non-zero forward address recurses to itself as a next hope.
587700 Routing monitor policy view cannot show source and destination data for SD-WAN route and wildcard destination.
587970 SD-WAN rules route-tag still used in service rule but not in diagnose sys virtual-wanlink route-tag-list.
589620 Link monitor with tunnel as srcintf cannot recover after remote server down/up.
592599 FortiGate sends malformed OSPFv3 LSAReq/LSAck packets on interfaces with MTU = 9k.
593375 OSPF NSSA with multiple ASBRs losing valid external OSPF routes in upsteam neighbors as different ASBRs are power cycled.
593864 Routing table is not always updated when BGP gets an update with changed next hop.
594685 Unable to create the IPsec VPN directly in Network > SD-WAN.
595937 PPPoE interface bandwidth is mistakenly calculated as 0 in SD-WAN.

Security Fabric

Bug ID Description
575495 FGCP dynamic objects are not populated in the slave unit.
586587 Security Fabric widget keeps loading when FortiSwitches are in a loop, or the FortiSwitch is in MCLAG mode.
587758 Invalid CIDR format shows as valid by the Security Fabric threat feed.
589503 Threat Feeds show the URL is invalid if there is a special character in the URL.
592344 CSF automation configuration cannot be synced to downstream from root.


Bug ID Description
525342 In some special cases, SSL VPN main state machine reads function pointer is empty that will cause SSL VPN daemon crash.
557806 Cannot fully load a website through SSL VPN bookmark.
570171 When accessing ACT application through SSL VPN web mode, the embedded calendar request gets wrong response and redirects to login page.
573787 SSL VPN web mode not displaying custom web application’s JavaScript parts.
576288 FSSO groups set in rule with SSL VPN interface.
578908 Fails to load bookmark site over SSL VPN portal.
580377 Unable to access as bookmark in SSL VPN web mode.
583339 Support HSTS include SubDomains and preload option under SSL VPN settings.
584780 When the SSL VPN portal theme is set to red, the style is lost in the SSL VPN portal.
585754 A VPN SSL bookmark failed to load the Proxmox GUI interface.
586032 Unable to download report from an internal server via SSL VPN web mode connection.
586035 The policy “script-src ‘self'” will block the SSL VPN proxy URL.
587075 SAML login is not stable for SSL VPN, it requires restarting sslvpnd to enable the function.
588119 There is no OS support for the latest macOS Catalina version (10.15) when using SSL VPN tunnel mode.
588720 SSL VPN web portal bookmarks cannot resolve hostname.
589015 SSO does not correctly URL-encode POST-ed credentials.
590643 href rewrite has some issues with the customer’s JS file.
591613 cannot be accessed in SSLVPN web portal.
592318 After sslvpn proxy, some Kurim JS files run with an error.
592935 sslvpnd crashed on FortiGate.
593082 SSL VPN bookmark does not load Google Maps on internal server.
593641 Cannot access HTTPS bookmark, get a blank page.
593850 SSL VPN logs out after some users click through the remote application.
594160 Screen shot feature is not working though SSL VPN portal.
594247 Cannot access through SSL VPN web portal.
595920 SSL VPN web mode goes to 99% on a specific bookmark.
596273 sslvpnd worker process crashes, causing a zombie tunnel session.
Bug ID Description
596843 Internal website not working in SSL VPN web mode.
597282 The latest FortiOS GUI does not render when accessing it by the SSL VPN portal.

Switch Controller

Bug ID Description
581370 FortiSwitch managed by FortiGate not updating the RADIUS settings and user group in the FortiSwitch.
586299 Adding factory-reset device to HA fails with switch-controller.qos settings in root.
592111 FortiSwitch shows offline CAPWAP response packet getting dropped/failed after upgrading from 6.2.2.


Bug ID Description
484749 TCP traffic with tcp_ecn tag cannot go through ipip ipv6 tunnel with NP6 offload enabled.
502387 X.509 certificate support required for FGFM portocol.
511790 Router info does not update after plugging out/plugging in USB modem.
528052 FortiGuard filtering services show as unavailable for read-only admin.
547712 HPE does not protect against DDoS attacks like flood on IKE and BGP destination ports.
556408 Aggregate link does not work for LACP mode active for FG-60E internal ports but works for wan1 and wan2 combination.
570759 RX/TX counters for VLAN interfaces based on LACP interface are 0.
572003 There was a hardware defect in an earlier revision of SSD used for FG-61E. When powering off then powering on in a very short time, the SSD may jump into ROM mode and cannot recover until a power circle.
573090 Making a change to a policy through inline editing is very slow with large table sizes.
573238 Session TTL expiry timer is not reset for VLAN traffic when offloading is enabled.
573973 ASIC offloading sessions sticking to interfaces after SD-WAN SLA interface selection.
577423 FG-80D and FG-92D kernel error in CLI during FortiGate boot up.
578259 FG-3980E VLANs over LAG interface show no TX/RX statistics.


Bug ID Description
578608 High CPU usage due to dnsproxy process as high at 99%.
580038 Problems with cmdbsvr while handling a large number of FSSO address groups and security policies.
581496 FG-201E stops sending out packets and NP6lite is stuck.
581528 SSH/RDP sessions are terminated unexpectedly.
581998 Session clash event log found on FG-6500F when passing a lot of the same source IP ICMP traffic over load-balance VIP.
582520 Enabling offloading drops fragmented packets.
583199 fgfmsd crashed with signal 11 when some code accesses a VDOM that has been deleted, but does not check the return value from CMDB query.
583602 Script to purge and re-create a local-in-policy ran against the remote FortiGate directly (in the CLI) is causing auto-update issues.
586301 GUI cannot show default Fortinet logo for replacement messages.
586551 When an SD-WAN member is disabled or VWL is disabled, snmpwalk shows “No Such Object available on this agent at this OID” message.
587498 FortiGate sends ICMP type 3 code 3 (port unreachable) for UDP 500 and UDP 520 against vulnerability scan.
587540 Netflow traffic records sent with wrong interface index 0 (inputint = 0 and outputint = 0).
588035 Kernel crashes when sniffing packets on interfaces that are related to EMAC VLAN.
588202 FortiGate returns invalid configuration during FortiManager retrieving configuration.
589027 EMAC VLAN drops traffic when asymmetric roue enabled on internet VDOM.
589234 Local system DNS setting instead of DNS setting acquired from upstream DHCP server was assigned to client under management VDOM.
589517 Dedicated management CPU running on high CPU (soft IRQ).
589978 alertemail username length cannot go beyond 35 characters.
590295 OID for the IPsec VPN phase 2 selector only displays the first one on the list.
591466 Cannot change the mask for an existing secondary IP on interfaces.
592787 FortiGate got rebooted automatically due to kernel crash.
593606 diagnose hardware test suite all fails due to FortiLink loopback test.
594157 FortiGate accepts invalid configuration from FortiManager.
594499 Communication over PPPoE fails after installing PPPoE configuration from FortiManager.
595598 SOC4 devices may reboot by watchdog after upgrading to FortiOS 6.2.2 (build 6083). Affected platforms: FG-60F, FG-61F, FG-100F, and FG-101F.
596180 Constant DHCPD crashes.


Bug ID Description
586793 Address objects have reference to old firewall policy after upgrading from 6.0.6 > 6.2.x NGFW policies.
Bug ID Description
571212 Only one CPU core in AWS is being used for traffic processing.
577653 vMotion tasks cause connections to be dropped as sessions related to vMotion VMs do not appear on the destination VMX.

User & Device

Bug ID Description
567831 Local FSSO poller regularly missing logon events.
583745 Wrong categorization of OS from device detection.
586334 Brief connectivity loss on shared service when RDP session is logged in to from local device.
586394 Authentication list entry is not created/updated after changing the client PC with another user in FSSO polling mode.
587293 The session to the SQL database is closed as timeout when a new user logs in to terminal server.
587519 fnbamd takes high CPU usage and user not able to authenticate.
587666 Mobile token authentication does not work for SSL VPN on SOC3 platforms.

Affected models include: FG-60E, FG-60E-POE, FG-61E, FG-80E, FG-80E-POE, FG-81E, FG81E-POE, FG-100E, FG-100EF, FG-101E, FG-140E, FWF-60E, FWF-61E.

592241 Gmail POP3 authentication fails with certificate error since version 6.0.5.
592253 RADIUS state attribute truncated in access request when using third-party MFA (ping ID).
593116 Client PC matching multiple authentication methods (firewall, FSSO, RSSO, WSSO) may not be matched to NGFW policies correctly.
597496 Guest user log in expires after first log in and no longer works; user is not removed from the firewall authentication list after the set time.


Bug ID Description
579708 Should replace GUI option to register to FortiCare from AWS PAYG with link to portal for registration.
582123 EIP does not failover if the master FortiGate is rebooted or stopped from the Alibaba Cloud console.
586954 FGCP cluster member reboots in infinite loop and hatalk daemon dumps the core with segmentation fault.
588436 Azure SDN connector unable to connect to Azure Kubneretes integrated with AAD.
589445 VM deployed in ESX platform with VMXNET3 does not show the correct speed and duplex settings.
590140 FG-VM-LENC unable to validate new license.
590149 Azure FortiGate crashing frequently when MLX4 driver RX jumbo.
590253 VLAN not working on FortiGate in a Hyper-V deployment.
590555 Allow PAYG AWS VM to bootstrap the configuration first before acquiring FortiCare license.
590780 Azure FortiGate-VM (BYOL) unable to boot up when loading a lower vCPU license than the instance’s vCPU.
591563 Azure autoscale not syncing after upgrading to 6.2.2.
592000 In Alibaba Cloud, multiple VPC route entries fail to switch when HA fails over.
592611 HA not fully failing over when using OCI.
593797 FG-VM64-AWS not responding to ICMP6 request when destination IPv6 address is in the neighbor cache entry.
Bug ID Description
560904 In NGFW mode, Security Profiles GUI is missing Web Rating Overrides page.
581523 Wrong web filter category when using flow-based inspection.
587120 Administrator logged in with web filter read/write privilege cannot create or edit web filter profiles in the GUI.


Bug ID Description
582271 Add support for Cisco IP Phone keepalive packet.

Web Filter WiFi Controller

Bug ID Description
520677 When editing a FortiAP profile on the FortiGate web UI, the previously selected SSID group(s) cannot be displayed.
555659 When FortiAP is managed with cross VDOM links, the WiFi client cannot join to SSID when autoasic-offload is enabled.
566054 Errors pop up while creating or editing as SSID.
567011 WPA2-Enterprise SSID should support acct-all-servers setting in RADIUS to send accounting messages to all servers.
567933 FortiAP unable to connect to FortiGate via IPsec VPN tunnel with dtls-policy clear-text.
572350 FortiOS GUI cannot support FAP-U431F and FAP-U433F profiles.
580169 Captive portal (disclaimer) redirect not working for Android phones.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Visit for more information.

Bug ID CVE references
568788 FortiOS 6.2.3 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE Reference:

l CVE-2007-6750

576090 FortiOS 6.2.3 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE Reference:

l CVE-2019-17655

576941 FortiOS 6.2.3 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE Reference:

l CVE-2019-15703

581663 FortiOS 6.2.3 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE Reference:

l CVE-2019-9496

582538 FortiOS 6.2.3 is no longer vulnerable to the following CVE Reference:

l CVE-2019-17656


Known issues

The following issues have been identified in version 6.2.3. For inquires about a particular bug or to report a bug, please contact Customer Service & Support.

Anti Virus

Bug ID Description
563250 Shared memory does not empty out properly under /tmp.

Data Leak Prevention

Bug ID Description
591178 WAD fails to determine the correct file name when downloading a file from Nextcloud.

DNS Filter

Bug ID Description
582374 License shows expiry date of 0000-00-00.

Endpoint Control

Bug ID Description
538095 Compliance cannot work correctly due to the same MAC address reported by all devices.

Explicit Proxy

Bug ID Description
594580 FTP traffic over HTTP explicit proxy does not generate traffic logs once receiving error message.
594598 Enabling proxy policies (+400) increases memory by 30% and up to 80% total.
603707 The specified port configurations of https-incoming-port for config web-proxy explicit disappeared after rebooting.
605209 LDAP ignores source-ip with web proxy Kerberos authentication.


Bug ID Description
593103 When a policy denies traffic for a VIP and send-deny-packet is enabled, ICMP unreachable message references the mapped address, not the external.
595044 Get new CLI signal 11 crash log when performing execute internet-service refresh.
598559 ISDB matches all objects and chooses the best one based on their weight values and the firewall policy.
599253 GUI traffic shaper Bandwidth Utilization should use KBps units.
600644 IPS engine did not resolve nested address groups when parsing the address group table for NGFW security policies.
601331 Virtual load-balance VIP and intermittent HTTP health check failures.
604886 Session stuck in proto_state=61 only when flow-based AV is enabled in the policy.


Bug ID Description
592309 FortiGate with double loop FortiSwitches—FortiView physical topology page cannot load; get “Failed to get FortiView data” error message.
599124 Ban IP under FortiView frequently fails.


Bug ID Description
354464 AntiVirus profile in GUI should not override quarantine archive value.
514632 Inconsistent Refcnt value in GUI when using ports in HA session-sync-dev.
517744 Widget for CPU memory and sessions does not show real time diagram in 12-hours and 24-hours mode.
535099 GUI should add support for new MAC address filter in SSID dialog page.
541042 Log viewer forward traffic cannot support double negate filter (client side issue).
557786 GUI response is very slow when accessing Monitor> IPsec Monitor (api/v2/monitor/vpn/ipsec is taking a long time).
563549 Recurring httpsd crash at [0x01f17bc0] => /bin/httpsd lh_char_hash (+0x0000).
564849 HA warning messsage, This FortiGate has taken overforthe master, remains after master takes back control.
565309 Application sroups improvements.
579711 Cannot run Security Rating due to disk issue (diagnose security-rating clean fails).
584314 NGFW mode should have a link to show all applications in the list.
584915 OK button missing on all pages (policy, interface, system settings) on Android mobile.
584939 VPN event logs shows incorrectly when adding two action filters and if the filter action filter contains


585055 High CPU utilization by httpsd daemon if there are too many API connections.
585924 Wrong traffic shaper bandwidth unit on 32-bit platform GUI pages.
589709 Status icon in Tunnel column on IPsec Tunnels page should be removed.
593899 Upgrading from build 0932 to build 1010 displays Malware Hash Threat Feed is not found or enabled error.
598725 Login page shows random characters when system language is not English.
599284 pyfcgid crashed with signal 11 (Segmentation fault) received.
599401 FortiGuard quota category details displays No matching entries found for local category.
601568 Interface status is not displayed on faceplate when viewing from the System > HA page.
601653 When deleting an AV profile in the GUI, there is no confirmation message prompt.
602637 Block intra-zone traffic toggle button function is inverted in FortiOS 6.2.3.
607972 FortiGate enters conserve mode when accessing Amazon AWS ISDB object.
601653 When deleting an AV profile in the GUI, there is no confirmation message prompt.
Bug ID Description
606074 Interfaces is missing in the GUI in sections for IPv4 Policy and SSL-VPN Settings after upgrading from 6.2.2 to 6.2.3.
611436 FortiGate displays a hacked webpage after selecting an IPS log.


Bug ID Description
588908 FG-3400E hasync reports the “Network is unreachable”.
598937 Local user creation causes HA to be out of sync for several minutes.
601550 Application hasync crashes several times.
602247 IP pool used in cross-AZ should not sync between the cluster members.
602266 The configuration of the SD-WAN interface gateway IP should not sync.
602406 In a FortiGate HA cluster, performance SLA (SD-WAN) information does not sync with the slave unit.

Intrusion Prevention

Bug ID Description
565747 IPS engine 5.00027 has signal 11 crash.
586544 IPS intelligent mode not working when reflect sessions are created on different physical interfaces.
587668 IPS engine 5.00035 has signal 11 crash.


Bug ID Description
589096 In IPsec after HA failover, performance regression and IKESAs is lost.
592361 Cannot pass traffic over ADVPN if: tunnel-search is set to nexthop, net-device disable, mode-cfg enable, and add-route disable.
594962 IPsec VPN IKEv2 interoperability issue when the FortiGate uses a group as P2 selectors with a nonFortiGate in a remote peer gateway.
Bug ID Description
595810 Unable to reach network resources via L2TP over IPsec with WAN PPPoE connection.
597748 L2TP/IPsec VPN disconnects frequently.
604334 L2TP disconnection when transferring large files.
Bug ID Description
584631 REST API admin with token unable to configure HA setting (via login session works).
599516 When managing FortiGate via FortiGate Cloud, sometimes user only gets read-only access.

Log & Report

Bug ID Description
589782 IPS sensor log-attack-context output truncated.
593557 Logs to syslog server configured with FQDN addresses fail when the DNS entry gets updated for the FQDN address.
595151 Log filter for user name in UPN format is not consistent when the log location is set to FortiAnalyzer and local disk.
597494 In FIPS-CC mode, API access check returns 401 causing FortiAnalyzer to repeat the login (should return 403).
602459 GUI shows 401 Unauthorized error when downloading forward traffic logs with the time stamp as the filter criterion.
605174 Incorrect sentdelta/rcvddelta in traffic log statistics for RTSP sessions.
606533 User observes FGT internal error while trying to log in from the web UI.


Bug ID Description
575224 WAD high memory usage from worker process causing conserve mode and traffic issues.
582475 WAD is crashing with signal 6 in wad_fmem_free when processing SMB2/CIFS.

REST API Routing

Bug ID Description
537354 BFD/BGP dropping when outbandwidth is set on interface.
580207 Policy route does not apply to local-out traffic.
593951 Improve algorithm to distribute ECMP traffic for source IP-based/destination IP-based.
597733 IPv6 ECMP routes cannot be synchronized correctly to HA slave unit.
600332 SD-WAN GUI page bandwidth shows 0 issues when there is traffic running.
600995 Policy routes with large address groups containing FQDNs no longer work after upgrading to 6.2.2.

Security Fabric

Bug ID Description
599195 Unable to get consistent results from the security rating.
599474 FortiGate SDN connector not seeing all available tag name-value pairs.
604670 Time zone of scheduled automation stitches will always be taken as GMT-08:00 regardless of the system’s timezone configuration.


Bug ID Description
505986 On IE 11, SSL VPN web portal displays blank page title {{::data.portal.heading}} after authentication.
563022 SSL VPN LDAP group object matching only matches the first policy; is not consistent with normal firewall policy.
594416 Accessing FortiGate GUI through SSL VPN web mode causes Network > Interfaces page to return an error.
595627 Cannot access some specific sites through SSL VPN web mode.
598659 SSL VPN daemon crash.
599668 In SSL VPN web mode, page keeps loading after user authenticates into internal application.
599671 In SSL VPN web mode, cannot display complete content on page, and cannot paste or type in the comments section.
Bug ID Description
599960 RADIUS user and local token push cannot log in to SSL VPN portal/tunnel when the password needs to be changed.
600103 Sslvpnd crashes when trying to query a DNS host name without a period (.).
602645 SSL VPN Synology NAS web bookmark log in page does not work after upgrading to 6.2.3.
603957 SSL VPN LDAPS authentication does not work in multiple user group configurations after upgrading the firewall to 6.0.7.
605699 Internal HRIS website dropdown list box not loading in SSL VPN web mode.

Switch Controller

Bug ID Description
517663 For a managed FortiSwitch already running the latest GA image, Upgrade Available tag shows unexpectedly.
588584 GUI should add support to allow using switch VLAN interface under a tenant VDOM on a managed switch VDOM.
605864 If the firewall is downgraded from 6.2.3 to 6.2.2, the FortiLink interface looses its CAPWAP setting.
608231 LLDP policy did not download completely to the managed FortiSwitch 108Es.


Bug ID Description
464340 EHP drops for units with no NP service module.
527459 SDN address filter unable to handle space character.
555616 TCP packets send wrong interface and high CPU.
563276 High memory usage on FortiGate 30E after upgrading firmware to 6.0.5.
576337 SNMP polling stopped when FortiManager API script executed onto FortiGate.
578031 FortiManager Cloud cannot be removed once the FortiGate has trouble on contract.
582498 Traffic can be offloaded to both NTurbo and NP6 when DoS policy is applied on ingress/egress interface in a policy with IPS.
589079 QSFP interface goes down when the get system interface transceiver command is interrupted.
Bug ID Description
592570 VLAN switch does not work on FG-100E.
592827 FortiGate is not sending DHCP request after receiving offer.
594018 Update daemon is locked to one resolved update server.
594577 Out of order packets for an offloaded multicast stream.
594865 diagnose internet-service match does not return the IP value of the IP reputation database object.
594871 Potential memory leak triggered by FTP command in WAD.
595338 Unable to execute ping6 when configuring execute ping6-options tos, except for default.
595467 Invalid multicast policy created after transparent VDOM restored.
598527 ISDB may cause crashes after downgrading FortiGate firmware.
598928 FortiGate restarts fgfm tunnel every two minutes when FortiManager is defined as FQDN.
600032 SNMP does not provide routing table for non-management VDOM.
602523 DDNS monitor-interface uses the monitored interface if DDNS services other than FortiGuard DDNS are used.
602548 Some of the clients are not getting their IP through DHCP intermittently.
603194 NP multicast session remains after the kernel session is deleted.
603551 DHCPv6 relay does not work on FG-2200E.
604550 Locally-originated DHCP relay traffic on non-default VRF may follow route on VRF 0.
604699 Five FG-30Es and one FG-100D enter in conserve mode in a transparent mode deployment.
607015 Too many DNS lookups with global NTP server as global NTP server often changes its IP.
610900 Low throughput on FG-2201E for traffic with ECN flag enabled.

User & Device

Bug ID Description
573317 SSO admin with a user name over 35 characters cannot log in after the first login.
580391 Unable to create MAC address-based policies in NGFW mode.
591461 FortiGate does not send user IP to TACACS server during authentication.
592047 GUI RADIUS test fails with vdom-dns configuration.
Bug ID Description
596844 Admin GUI login makes the FortiGate unstable when there are lots of devices detected by device identification.
593361 No source IP option available for OCSP certificate checking.
594863 UPN extraction does not work for particular PKI.
605206 FortiClient server certificate in FSSO CA uses weak public key strength of 1024 bits and certificate expiring in May 2020.
605404 FortiGate does not respond to disclaimer page request when traffic hits a disclaimer-enabled policy with thousands of address objects.
605437 FortiOS does not understand CMPv2 grantedWithMods response.
605950 RDP and other applications affected (freezing, disconnecting) after upgrading to 6.2.3 due to no session match error.


Bug ID Description
575346 gui-wanopt cache missing under system settings after upgrading a FortiGate VM with two disks.
587180 FG-VM64-KVM is unable to boot up properly when doing a hard reboot with the host.
587757 FG-VM image unable to be deployed on AWS with additional HDD(st1) disk type.
596742 Azure SDN connector replicates configuration from master to slave during configuration restore.
597003 Unable to bypass self-signed certificates on Chrome in macOS Catalina.
598419 Static routes are not in sync on FortiGate Azure.
599430 FG-VM-AZURE fails to boot up due to rtnl_lock deadlock.
600077 Randomly getting the vmxnet3 tx:hang error, which shuts down port2.
600975 Race condition may prevent FG-VM-Azure from booting up because of deadlock when processing NETVSC offering and vPCI offering at the same time.
601357 FortiGate VM Azure in HA has unsuccessful failover.
601528 License validation failure log message missing when using FortiManager to validate a VM.
603599 VIP in autoscale on GCP not syncing to other nodes.
605435 API call to associate elastic IP is triggered only when the unit becomes the master.
605511 FG-VM-GCP reboots a couple of times due to kernel panic.
606527 GUI and CLI interface dropdown lists are inconsistent.
608881 IPsec VPN tunnel not staying up after failing over with AWS A-P cross-AZ setup.

Web Filter

Bug ID Description
593203 Cannot enter a name for a web rating override and save—error message appears when entering the name.

WiFi Controller

Bug ID Description
563630 Kernel panic observed on FWF-60E.
599690 Unable to perform COA with device MAC address for 802.1x wireless connection when usemanagement-vdom is enabled.
601012 When upgrading from 5.6.9 to 6.0.8, channels 120, 124, and 128 are no longer there for NZ country code.



Citrix XenServer limitations

The following limitations apply to Citrix XenServer installations:

  • XenTools installation is not supported.
  • FortiGate-VM can be imported or deployed in only the following three formats:
  • XVA (recommended)
  • VHD l OVF
  • The XVA format comes pre-configured with default configurations for VM name, virtual CPU, memory, and virtual NIC. Other formats will require manual configuration before the first power on process.

Open source XenServer limitations

When using Linux Ubuntu version 11.10, XenServer version 4.1.0, and libvir version 0.9.2, importing issues may arise when using the QCOW2 format and existing HDA issues.

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