Managing “Bring Your Own Device”

Custom avatars for custom devices

You can upload an avatar for a custom device. The avatar is then displayed in the GUI wherever the device is listed, such as FortiView, log viewer, or policy configuration. To upload an avatar image,click Upload Image on the New Device or Edit Device page of User & Device > Custom Devices & Groups. The image can be in any format your browser supports and will be automatically sized to 36 x 36 pixels for use in the FortiGate GUI.

Device offline timeout

A device is considered offline if it has not sent any packets during the timeout period. The timeout can be set to any value from 30 to 31 536 000 seconds (365 days). The default value is 300 seconds (5 minutes). The timer is configurable in the CLI:

config system global

set device-idle-timeout 300


Device organization, device categories, and device types

A second level of organization shows device category (except for device types not listed below). The categories, along with the devices that belong to those categories, include:

Category Devices
Android Android Phone, Android Tablet
BlackBerry BlackBerry Phone, BlackBerry Playbook
Fortinet Fortinet Device, FortiCam, FortiFone
iOS iPad, iPhone
Windows Windows PC, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet


config user device edit <category> set category [none | android-device | blackberry-device | fortinet-device | iosdevice | windows-device]



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