Create, Delete, and Edit Hardware Switches In FortiOS

In this video I cover how to do some editing, deleting, and creating of Hardware Switches in FortiOS. The GUI leaves a lot of stuff out. Get Flexible and have some fun!

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3 thoughts on “Create, Delete, and Edit Hardware Switches In FortiOS

  1. I can’t watch the video. Youtube says “Video unavailable: This video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account.” Even when I connect, i still can’t.

  2. I have this same issue and it occurred once I installed the latest version of Forticlient on a clean install of Windows 10. I even tried to uninstall it as well as enable all web filters. It IS an issue with more than just this video. a TicTok youtube ad is also restricted and it works on my other devices.. There is something strange that Forticlient is not allowing to be fixed and even with with the uninstall process its still not fixed.. They offer me no customer service since I tired it for the first time for free today.. It has to be some policy or something that is blocking the videos… Please help!

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