FortiWLC – Enterprise Mesh Troubleshooting

Enterprise Mesh Troubleshooting

Viewing Mesh Topology

The WebUI provides a Mesh Topology view to quickly assess the current mesh deployment. To access it, navigate to Configuration > Wireless > Mesh > [select mesh] > Mesh Topology.

Within the Mesh Topology tab, click the displayed mesh nodes to expand the tree and view connections between the various nodes.

Enterprise Mesh Troubleshooting

Problem-Solution Chart
Problem Possible Cause & Solution
Wireless APs are not connecting to their designated parent AP. Ensure that per-essid bridge is not enabled on wireless or gateway APs.
APs are picking up a configuration that I did not create Your APs may have inherited an old configuration from a previously-used AP. Try resetting all APs to factory defaults with the CLI command reload ap id default (for one AP) or reload all default. Then, follow the setup directions in “Installing and Configuring an Enterprise Mesh System” on page 435.
APs are rebooting A possibility could be bad channel conditions. Check the backhaul channel condition using a wireless sniffer.

Enterprise Mesh Troubleshooting

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