FortiWLC – Configuring VLAN in MESH

Configuring VLAN in MESH

Mesh APs now supports VLAN trunking.

Before you enable VLAN trunking on a mesh network, follow the recommendations listed below:

  • Secondary redundancy network is not support and hence use mesh rediscovery to achieve redundancy.
  • The gateway AP in a VLAN mesh should use ESS and port profile in tunnel mode if the profiles contain VLAN tags.
Enabling VLAN Trunk
Using CLI

controller(15)# configure terminal controller(15)(config)# port‐profile vlantrunk controller(15)(config‐port‐profile)# enable controller(15)(config‐port‐profile)# vlantrunk enable controller(15)(config‐port‐profile)# multicast‐enable controller(15)(config‐port‐profile)# end controller(15)(config)# mesh vlantest controller(15)(config‐mesh)# admin‐mode enable controller(15)(config‐mesh)# psk key 12345678 controller(15)(config‐mesh)# meshvlantrunk enable controller(15)(config‐mesh)# end

Configuring VLAN in MESH

controller(15)# controller(15)# sh mesh‐profile

Name              Description       Admin Mode     PlugNPlay Status VLAN Trunking St vlantrunk                           enable         disable          enable           testvlan                            enable         disable          enable           vlantest                            enable         disable          enable          

        Mesh Configuration(3) controller(15)# configure terminal controller(15)(config)# mesh‐profile vlantest controller(15)(config‐mesh)# mesh‐ap 65 controller(15)(config‐mesh‐mesh‐ap)# end controller(15)# controller(15)# sh port‐profile

Profile Name                     Enable/Disable VlanTrunk      Dataplane Mode VLAN Name   Security Profile Allow Multicast IPv6 Bridging  

default                          enable         enable         bridged                                     on              off            

vlantrunk                        enable         enable         bridged                                     off             off            

        Port Table(2)

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