FortiWLC – VLAN Pooling

VLAN Pooling

To reduce big broadcast or risking a chance of running out of address space, you can now enable VLAN pooling in an ESS profile.

VLAN pooling essentially allows administrators to create a named alias using a subset of VLANs thereby creating a pool of address. By enabling VLAN pool, you can now associate a client/device to a specific VLAN. This allows you to effectively manage your network by monitoring appropriate or specific VLANs pools.

  • You can associate up to 16 VLANs to a pool.
  • You can create a maximum of 64 VLAN Pools.
  • You can specify the maximum number of clients that can be associated to a VLAN.
  • The client/device behaviour does not change after it is associates to a VLAN in a pool. If a VLAN is removed from a VLAN pool, clients/devices connected to the VLAN will continue to be associated to the VLAN. However, if the clients disconnect and reconnect the VLAN will change.

VLAN Pooling

Using WebUI
Using CLI
  1. Configure VLAN default(config)# vlan vlan10 tag 10 default(config‐vlan)# ip address default(config‐vlan)# ip default‐gateway

VLAN Pooling

default(config‐vlan)# exit default(config)# exit default# sh vlan vlan10

VLAN Configuration

VLAN Name                             : vlan10

Tag                                   : 10

Ethernet Interface Index              : 1 IP Address                            : Netmask                               :

IP Address of the Default Gateway     :

Override Default DHCP Server Flag     : off DHCP Server IP Address                :

DHCP Relay Pass‐Through               : on

Owner                                 : controller

Maximum number of clients             : 253 2. Configure VLAN Pool default(config)# vlan‐pool vlangroup default(config‐vpool)# tag‐list 10,36 default(config‐vpool)# exit default(config)# exit default# sh vlan‐pool

VLAN Pool Name           Vlan Pool Tag List vlangroup                10,36

VLAN Pool Configuration(1 entry)


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One thought on “FortiWLC – VLAN Pooling

  1. Hello There, I was wondering if you have run into any issues with IP Prefix Validation when using vlan Pools for your tunnel interface on an ESS Profile. We are seeing strange behavior where in the station logs we see long client connection times and repeated errors similar to the following:
    IP discovery fails due to prefix mismatch Allowed Range : IP PREFIX = NETMASK = on AP vlan20 interface.
    The VLAN Pool We are are using contains vlans 18,20,21. the discovered IP is valid for vlan18 but it is failing validation against the range for vlan20.
    We are running code version 8.4.2.
    Currently working with Fortinet Support, but would appreciate any feedback.

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