FortiWLC – More About VLANs

More About VLANs

FortiWLC (SD) provides commands for configuring both virtual LAN (VLANs) and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels to facilitate the separation of traffic using logical rather than physical constraints. As an alternative to VLANs, GRE Tunneling can be configured on the either Ethernet interface, as described in Configure GRE Tunnels in the Security chapter. VLANs and GRE tunnels can coexist within any given network, logically segmenting traffic by organization or function. In this way, all systems used by a given organization can be interconnected, independent of physical location. This has the benefit of limiting the broadcast domain and increasing security.

VLANs, when used in conjunction with multiple ESSIDs, as discussed in Chapter , “,” allow you to support multiple wireless networks on a single access point. You can create a one-toone mapping of ESSID to VLAN or map multiple ESSIDs to one VLAN.

Customized security configuration by VLAN is also supported. By assigning a VLAN a Security Profile, you can fine-tune the security requirements based on the use of the VLAN (see Chapter , “,” for details).

Dynamic VLAN support in Bridge mode

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