FortiWLC – Feature Group

Feature Group

Feature group makes it easier to deploy and manage configuration for large number of APs. Traditionally, you could apply a configuration to an AP or an AP group. Using feature groups, you can instantly apply a ESS Profile, DPI Policies, Port Profile, ARRP, and Radio Interfaces to one or more APs or AP Groups . You can create a maximum of 10 feature groups.

The default page, lists available feature groups with the following details about each of the feature groups:

  • Feature Group ID: A unique number associated with the feature group.
  • Feature Group Name: Name of the feature group.
  • Feature Group Description: Descriptive text about the feature group.
  • Default Feature Group: Specifes if a feature group is set as default. If set as default, all APs that join the controller will be associated with this feature group. You can have only one default group.

NOTE: If you have a default AP group, then this takes precedence and all APs that join the controller will be associate with the default AP group.

Creating a Feature Group

Click the Add button and specify name (special characters and spaces cannot be used), description and also select if this group is the default feature group. Click OK to complete this step.

After the feature group name is selected, you can now add configurations to this group. These configurations can be instantly applied to one or more APs.

  • APs – Select this option to add AP Groups and individual APs to this feature group.
  • ARRP – ARRP profiles are local to the group. Select this option to add ARRP configurations. For more information, See “Automatic Radio Resource Provisioning (ARRP)” on page 360.
  • Radio – Select this option to specify the radio interface and its antenna settings.
  • ESS – Select this option to select and associate ESS profiles at the interface level.

Feature Group

  • Port Profiles – Select port profile to associate at the interface level.
  • DPI – Create DPI policies for this feature group. Each feature group can contain a maximum of 25 DPI policies. DPI policies are local to group but this must be enabled at Configuration > Access Control > Application > Settings (tab)

Other options include, deleting and cloning a feature group.

Cloning a Feature Group

To clone a feature group, select the feature group and click the CLONE button. Specify a new name and description for this cloned feature group. The cloned feature group will not carry the list of mapped APs, AP groups, and DPI policies.

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