FortiGate 7060E WebEx Issue Shenanigans

So, if you guys have a 7060E chassis and have a decent amount of traffic flowing through it I want to go ahead and warn you that WebEx may not function properly. If you are experiencing drops of video or audio and complaints of bandwidth issues chances are you are experiencing the same bug I am.

Basically, the UDP 9000 traffic that is on it’s way back to the clients is sometimes coming in on a different FPM than the one that originally processed the request. Well, apparently, the 7060E has bugs on how it shares these sessions / content tables because that causes a 10 second blip where audio, video, or both can disappear / freeze.

Very frustrating stuff that is not easily debugged.

Our work around for now until they fix the bug is a load balance flow rule that forces all UDP 9000 traffic to hit the same FPM (whichever one you choose).

Talk about pulling your hair out!

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