FortiView (5.6)

FortiView (5.6)

New FortiView features added to FortiOS 5.6.

Added Vulnerability score topology view (303786)

In Physical Topology and Logical Topology pages, there are two new views added: Vulnerability, and

Threat. Drill-downs in these menus will now include Vulnerability/Threat information. In Vulnerability view, device bubbles are colored based on maximum vulnerability level, and bubble size is the vulnerability score. In Threat view, device bubbles are colored based on maximum threat level, and bubble size is the threat score.

FortiView VPN tunnel map feature (382767)

The FortiView VPN page now displays VPN tunnel connections between devices, and offers more information about tunnels and devices on drill-down.


FortiView (5.6)

Updated FortiView CSF topology pages (384188)

The FortiView Physical Topology and Logical Topology pages have been updated in 5.6.0 to reorganize and clarify larger deployments with servers and multi-directional traffic.

Historical FortiView includes FortiAnalyzer (387423)

Data from associated FortiAnalyzer devices can now be selected as a log display option for Historical FortiView.

FortiView menu reorganization (399713)

The order of FortiView pages has been reorganized in 5.6.0 based on the source interface of data being displayed:

l Topology l Traffic from LAN/DMZ l Traffic from WAN l All Segments

Data Exchange with FortiAnalyzer (393891)

Rather than sending all CSF information via log messages, FortiGate and FortiAnalyzer will now directly pass CSF information (tree, interface roles, user devices, HA members), if the FAZ responds to notices that are sent when the data has changed.

Google Maps Integration

FortiView now uses Google Maps to display location-related information. In this release the first view to use Google maps this component is the FortView VPN page. All current VPNs can be viewed on a fully scalable Google world map.


FortiView usability and organization updates (306247)

Several organization changes have been made to make the FortiView menu order less cluttered, and more intuitive. l WiFi Client Monitor is now in FortiView, but is hidden when there is no managed FortiAP or WiFi Radio. l Country view has been merged into Destinations view. l Failed Authentication and Admin Login views have been merged into System Events view.

FortiGate VM (5.6)

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