FortiView (5.6.1)

FortiView (5.6.1)

New FortiView features added to FortiOS 5.6.1.

FortiView Dashboard Widget (434179)

A new widget type has been added to the FortiGate Dashboard, that displays compact FortiView data. Supported

FortiViews include Source, Destination, Application, Country, Interfaces, Policy, Wifi Client, Traffic Shaper, Endpoint Vulnerability, Cloud User, Threats, VPN, Websites, Admin, and System. All usual visualizations are supported.

Widgets can be saved directly to the Dashboard from a filtered page in FortiView, or configured in the CLI.

Interface Categories (srcintfrole, etc) added to log data (434188)

In 5.6, logs and FortiView both sort log traffic into two interface categories: “Traffic from LAN/DMZ”, and “Traffic from WAN.” For greater compatibility and troubleshooting of FortiAnalyzer and FortiCloud setups, interface category fields that expose this information have been added to general log data in 5.6.1: srcintfrole and dstintfrole for better backend control and monitoring.

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