FortiSIEM Running System and User-Defined Reports and Baseline Reports

Running System and User-Defined Reports and Baseline Reports

AccelOps includes a number of baseline reports for common data center analytics, as well as over 300 reports relating to IT infrastructure. You can also create your own reports. This topic describes how to run a system-generated or user-defined baseline report.

  1. Log in to your Supervisor node.
  2. Go to Analytics > Reports and select the subcategory containing the report you want to run.

For baseline reports, select Baseline.

  1. Select the report to run.
  2. Click Run Now to run the report immediately, or Run Later to schedule the report.
  3. If you chose Run Now and have a multi-tenant deployment, select the Organization for which you want to run the baseline report, and then click OK.

The report will run and the results will be displayed.

For baseline results, the values in the Profile Date Type column indicate whether the baseline date type is a Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) – 0 or Workday – 1. The values in Hour of Day, 1 – 24, column indicate the time on which the baseline is based.

You can further refine the results of reports and baseline reports as described in Using Search Results to Refine Historical Searches.

For baseline reports, you can create scatter plots of the report results, use the Quick Info menu to get more information about items in the report results, and also view geolocation information about the results. For other types of reports you can use all the charts and other methods of refining results that are related to historical search.

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