FortiSIEM Report Bundles

Report Bundles

Report bundles are groups of reports for common IT infrastructure analytics, such as Windows Server Health. Be defining a bundle and placing reports into it, you can run all the reports at the same time, and apply the same filter conditions to all reports. You can view system and user-defined report bundles under Analytics > Report Bundles.

Creating a Report Bundle Running a Report Bundle

Creating a Report Bundle

Creating a report bundle involves naming and describing the bundle, adding reports to the bundle, and then setting what you want to include in the report results.

  1. Log in to your Supervisor node.
  2. Go to Analytics > Reports > Report Bundles.
  3. Click the + icon at the top of the Analytics navigation pane.
  4. For Group, enter the name of the bundle, and then enter a Description.
  5. Under Select Group Members, select the report category that contains the report you want to add to the bundle.

When you select a category, all the reports in that category will be added to the selection window.

  1. Select a report and use the >> button to add it to the bundle.
  2. Select Show Table if you want all reports to include tables by default.

You can set individual reports to show tables by selecting the report under Show Reports, clicking Edit, and then selecting Show Table.

  1. Enter the number of Rows per Table.
  2. Click OK.

Running a Report Bundle

  1. Log in to your Supervisor node.
  2. Go to Analytics > Reports > Report Bundles.
  3. Select a report bundle to run.
  4. At the top of the Analytics navigation pane, click the blue Arrow
  5. For multi-tenant deployments, select the Organization for which the reports should apply.
  6. Select the Time Range for the results.
  7. Set any Data Conditions to use in filtering the results.

The most common use cases for setting data conditions involves imposing additional restrictions on the reporting devices, for example reporting devices IN a particular device group. These conditions are AND-ed to the filter conditions in every report of the bundle.

  1. Click Export.

The reports will run in the background, and when ready, you will see a dialog to save or download the PDF files.

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