FortiWAN CPU Report


The CPU report shows the distribution of CPU usage of FortiWAN by the date range defined. CPU usage is a measure of how much traffic is being managed or how much services the FortiWAN is required to do on that traffic. Sustained usage near 80% is a good indicator that a larger FortiWAN model is required to handle the required traffic and services load. Use this chart to compare your target maximum usage with the actual usage over time.

Create a report for a specific day or over a range of dates (See “Create a Report”).

Export reports and send reports through email (See “Export and Email”). CPU Usage Distribution

l X axis: Time between 00:00 to 23:59 (of a selected date). Days from start to end if Date Range specified (max 90 days). l Y axis: CPU usage in %. l Moving the mouse over the graph will display time, date and corresponding CPU usage in percentage.

Statistics Table

  • Lists the CPU usage distributed in percentage (%) by the date range defined. This is the numerical presentation of the same information in the CPU Usage Distribution Charts.
  • Time: Time periods or dates if a date range is defined. l % Usage: CPU usage in %.

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