FortiWAN Session Report


The Session report shows the distribution of sessions (connections) by the date range defined. Your FortiWAN model is rated by the number of simultaneous connections it can process (among other things as noted above). This report will help you determine if you are using the correct FortiWAN model for the number of connections in use by your users.

Create a report for a specific day or over a range of dates (See “Create a Report”).

Export reports and send reports through email (See “Export and Email”).

Session Amount Distribution:

  • X axis: Time between 00:00 to 23:59 (for a selected date). Days from start to end if Date Range specified (max 90 days).
  • Y axis: Number of Sessions in 1,000’s. l Moving the mouse over the graph will display time, date and corresponding number of sessions.

Statistics Table:

  • Lists the number of sessions distributed by the date range defined. This is the numerical presentation of the same information in the Session Distribution Charts.
  • Time: Time periods or dates if a date range is defined. l Count: Number of Sessions.

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