FortiWAN – Backup Line Settings

Backup Line Settings

In the deployment of multiple links, a link might serve as backup line which is inactive unless it matches the enabling criteria. The choice of backup lines mostly depends on cost, especially in areas where charges are based on data traffic. Backup lines in standby do not cost a cent, thus only basic fees are charged. Contrary to backup lines, main lines are lines commonly in use. The concept is to be used below.

FortiWAN provides log mechanism to the Backup Line service, see “Log”.

Threshold Parameters

Backup Line Enable Time    :   The interval to enable backup lines after main lines have broken down.

Backup Line Disable Time    :   The interval to disable backup line after main lines have returned to normal.

Backup Line Rules table

Field Purpose / Description

Main Line    :   Select main lines, which can be multiple links.


IP Grouping

Backup Line    :   Select backup lines.

Algorithm    :          5 options to activate backup lines:

  • All fail: when all lines defined in [Main line] are down l One fails: when one of the lines defined in [Main line] is down l Inbound bandwidth usage reached: when the inbound bandwidth consumption of all lines defined in [Main Line] reaches the defined level
  • Outbound bandwidth usage reached: when the outbound bandwidth consumption of all lines defined in [Main Line] reaches the defined level
  • Total traffic reached: when the total bandwidth consumption of all lines defined in [Main Line] reaches the defined level

Parameter         :         When the latter 3 options are chosen in [Algorithm], you can define here the bandwidth usage of the main lines over which backup lines are to be enabled.

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