FortiWAN – IP Grouping

IP Grouping

[IP Grouping] lets you create and manage IP groups exclusively and efficiently. These predefined IP groups are available and easy to use in the drop-down list of the fields of [Source] and [Destination] on such [Service] submenus as [Firewall], [NAT], [Persistent Routing], [Auto Routing], [Inbound BM], [Outbound BM], [Connection Limit], and [Cache Redirect]. This section walks you through the steps to create an IP group.

IP Grouping Table:

Group Name : Assign a name to an IP group. The name will show in the drop-down list of [Source] and [Destination] in [Service] submenus mentioned previously.
Enable : Check the field to enable an IP group. Once the IP group has been enabled, it will show in the drop-down list of [Source] and [Destination] in [Service] submenus mentioned previously.
Show/Hide IPv4/IPv6 Detail : Click the button to show or hide the IPv4/IPv6 table details. After Hide Detail has been clicked, the table only shows the name of the IP group and whether it has been enabled.

After you have clicked [Show IPv4/IPv6 Detail], [IPv4/IPv6 Rules Settings] table displays. You can click [Hide IPv4/IPv6 Details] to close the table.

IPv4/IPv6 Rule Settings Table:

E    :   Check the field to add the list of IP addresses to the current IP group.

IP Address         :       Enter a single IPv4/IPv6 address, IPv4/IPv6 range, IPv4/IPv6 subnet or FQDN.

Service Grouping

Action         :       Two options, to belong and not to belong, to determines whether an IP address defined in [IP Address] belongs to the IP group. For exceptions in an IP range or subnet that belongs to the IP group, the action of not to belong makes the configuration easier than separating an IP range or subnet into several groups.

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