FortiWAN – Port Speed/Duplex Settings

Port Speed/Duplex Settings

[Port Speed/Duplex Settings] enables to configure port speed and duplex transfer mode. Generally it is set to auto-detect by default which works properly in most cases. Manual speed/duplex mode configuration is still necessary in event that some old devices are either not supporting auto-detect, or incompatible with FortiWAN.

Port Name : The list of all physical ports on FortiWAN.
Status : The physical connection status of the port. It shows whether the port has been connected to other detectable network devices e.g. a hub.
Speed : The current speed of the port. It can be a value either manually set or auto-detected.
Duplex : The current duplex of the port. It can be a value either manually set or auto-detected.
Settings : You can opt for desirable settings, which can be manually set or auto-detected.
MAC Address : The MAC address of the port.
HA : Click to enable HA (switch between master and slave units) based on the status of network ports. While HA is enabled in FortiWAN, the port status of both master and slave FortiWAN units will be compared to determine which unit should be selected as master. Once the number of functioning network ports on the master unit becomes lower than that on the slave unit, the slave unit will then be switched as master instead. (Only the status of selected network ports will be compared.) Note: This field is not available if VRRP has been enabled in [Networking Setting > LAN Private Subnet] setting page.

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