WAN optimization, web caching and memory usage

WAN optimization, web caching and memory usage

To accelerate and optimize disk access and to provide better throughput and less latency FortiOS WAN optimization uses provisioned memory to reduce disk I/O and increase disk I/O efficiency. In addition, WAN optimization requires a small amount of additional memory per session for comprehensive flow control logic and efficient traffic forwarding.

When WAN optimization is enabled you will see a reduction in available memory. The reduction increases when more WAN optimization sessions are being processed. If you are thinking of enabling WAN optimization on an operating FortiGate unit, make sure its memory usage is not maxed out during high traffic periods.

In addition to using the system dashboard to see the current memory usage you can use the get test wad 2 command to see how much memory is currently being used by WAN optimization. See “get test {wad | wccpd} <test_level>” for more information.

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