diagnose npu np6 sse-stats (number of NP6 sessions and dropped sessions)

diagnose npu np6 sse-stats <np6-id> (number of NP6 sessions and dropped sessions)

This command displays the total number of inserted, deleted and purged sessions processed by a selected NP6 processor. The number of dropped sessions of each type cam be determined by subtracting the number of successfull sessions from the total number of sessions. For example, the total number of dropped insert sessions is insert-total – insert-success.

diagnose npu np6 sse-stats 0

Counters SSE0 SSE1 Total
————— ————— ————— —————
active 0 0 0
insert-total 25 0 0
insert-success 25 0 0
delete-total 25 0 0
delete-success 25 0 0
purge-total 0 0 0
purge-success 0 0 0
search-total 40956 38049 79005
search-hit 37714 29867 67581
————— ————— ————— —————
pht-size 8421376 8421376  
oft-size 8355840 8355840  
oftfree 8355839 8355839  
PBA 3001  

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