diagnose sys mcast-session/session6 list (IPv4 and IPv6 multicast sessions)

diagnose sys mcast-session/session6 list (IPv4 and IPv6 multicast sessions)

This command lists all IPv4 or IPv6 multicast sessions. If a multicast session can be offloaded, the output includes the offloadable tag. If the multicast path can be offloaded one of the paths in the command output is tagged as offloaded.

The only way to determine the number of offloaded multicast sessions is to use the diagnose sys mcast- session/session6 list command and count the number of sessions with the offload tag.

diagnose sys mcast-session list

session info: id=3 vf=0 proto=17>

used=2 path=11 duration=1 expire=178 indev=6 pkts=2 state:2cpu offloadable

npu-info in-pid=0 vifid=0 in-vtag=0 npuid=0 queue=0 tae=0


path: 2cpu policy=1, outdev=2 out-vtag=0

path: 2cpu policy=1, outdev=3 out-vtag=0

path: offloaded policy=1, outdev=7 out-vtag=0

path: policy=1, outdev=8


path: policy=1, outdev=9 out-vtag=0

path: policy=1, outdev=10 out-vtag=0

path: policy=1, outdev=11 out-vtag=0

path: policy=1, outdev=12 out-vtag=0

path: policy=1, outdev=13 out-vtag=0

path: 2cpu policy=1, outdev=64 out-vtag=0

path: 2cpu policy=1, outdev=68 out-vtag=0


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