Firewall objects

Firewall objects

As was mentioned earlier, the components of the FortiGate firewall go together like interlocking building blocks. The Firewall objects are a prime example of those building blocks. They are something that can be configured once and then used over and over again to build what you need. They can assist in making the administration of the FortiGate unit easier and more intuitive as well as easier to change. By configuring these objects with their future use in mind as well as building in accurate descriptions the firewall will become almost self documenting. That way, months later when a situation changes, you can take a look at a policy that needs to change and use a different firewall object to adapt to the new situation rather than build everything new from the ground up to accommodate the change.


This chapter includes information about the following Firewall objects:

  • Addresses
  • Services and TCP ports
  • Firewall schedules
  • Security profiles


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