All Sessions

All Sessions

The All Sessions console provides information about all FortiGate traffic. This console can be filtered by Application, Country, Destination Interface, Destination IP, Destination Port, NAT Source IP, NAT Source Port, Policy, Protocol, Source, Source Interface, Source IP, and Source Port. For more on filters, see Filtering options.

This console has the greatest number of column options to choose from. To choose which columns you wish to view, select the column settings cog at the far right of the columns and select your desired columns. They can then be clicked and dragged in the order that you wish them to appear.

A number of columns available in FortiView are only available in All Sessions. For example, the Action column displays the type of response taken to a security event. This function can be used to review what sort of threats were detected, whether the connection was reset due to the detection of a possible threat, and so on. This would be useful to display alongside other columns such as the Source, Destination, and Bytes (Sent/Received) columns, as patterns or inconsistencies can be analyzed.

Similarly, there are a number of filters that are only available in All Sessions, one of which is Protocol. This allows you to display the protocol type associated with the selected session, e.g. TCP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and so on.

Scenario: Filtering sessions by port number and application type

From the All Sessions console, a wide variety of filters can be applied to sort the session data. In this example, the All Sessions filters will be used to locate a specific user’s recent Skype activity.

1. Go to FortiView > All Sessions.

2. Select now from the Time Display options if it is not already selected.

3. Select the Filter button, then select Applications. This will open a drop-down menu listing the applications that appear in the master session list. From this list, locate and select Skype, or type “Skype” into the Search Bar and hit Enter. This will filter the session list to only feature Skype usage.

4. Select the Filter button again, then select Destination Port from the drop-down menu, then locate and select the desired port number. This will add a second filter which will restrict the results to presenting only the Skype data associated with that port number.

Only FortiGate models 100D and above support the 24 hour historical data.

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