VPN From the VPN console, users can access information on any VPNs associated with their FortiGate. From the initial window, a list of all the associated VPNs is provided, along with general information, such as number of user connections and VPN type. By double-clicking on an individual VPN (or right-clicking and selecting Drill down for […]

Admin Logins

Admin Logins Only FortiGate models 100D and above support the 24 hour historical data. The Admin Logins console provides information on administrator interactions with the network, including the number of login instances, number of failed logins, and the length of time logged in. This console features the same view options as the other consoles, as […]

System Events

System Events The System Events console lists security events detected by FortiOS, providing a name and description for the events, an assessment of the event’s severity level (Alert, Critical, Emergency, Error, or Warning), and the number of instances the events were detected. This console can be filtered by Event Name, Result, and Severity. For more […]

Failed Authentication

Failed Authentication The Failed Authentication console displays instances in which users attempted to connect to the server but were unsuccessful. Depending on the Time Display setting, the console will display instances from the last 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours. The results can be sorted by the number of instances a given user attempted […]

Threat Map

Threat Map The Threat Map console displays network activity by geographic region. Threats from various international destinations will be shown, but only those arriving at your destination, as depicted by the FortiGate. You can place your cursor over the FortiGate’s location to display the device name, IP address, and the city name/location. A visual lists […]


Threats   The Threats console lists the top users involved in incidents, as well as information on the top threats to your network. The following incidents are considered threats: Risk applications detected by application control Intrusion incidents detected by IPS Malicious web sites detected by web filtering Malware/botnets detected by antivirus This console can be […]

Web Sites

Web Sites The Web Sites console lists the top allowed and top blocked web sites. You can view information by domain or by FortiGuard categories by using the options in the top right corner. Each FortiGuard category can be selected in order to see a description of the category and several example sites, with content […]

Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications   The Cloud Applications console provides information about the cloud applications being used on your network. This includes information such as: The names of videos viewed on YouTube (visible by hovering the cursor over the session entry) Filed uploaded and downloaded from cloud hosting services such as Dropbox Account names used for cloud […]