Managing Guest Access

To create the authentication rule – CLI:

config firewall policy edit 3

set srcintf “freewifi” set dstintf “wan1”

set srcaddr “all” set action accept

set devices collected-emails set nat enable

set schedule “always” set service “ALL”



Checking for harvested emails

In the web-based manager, go to User & device > Device > Device Definitions. In the CLI you can use the

diagnose user device list command. For example,

FGT-100D # diagnose user device list hosts

vd 0 d8:d1:cb:ab:61:0f gen 35 req 30 redir 1 last 43634s 7-11_2-int ip ip6 fe80::dad1:cbff:feab:610f

type 2 ‘iPhone’ src http c 1 gen 29

os ‘iPhone’ version ‘iOS 6.0.1’ src http id 358 c 1 email ‘

vd 0 74:e1:b6:dd:69:f9 gen 36 req 20 redir 0 last 39369s 7-11_2-int ip ip6 fe80::76e1:b6ff:fedd:69f9

type 1 ‘iPad’ src http c 1 gen 5

os ‘iPad’ version ‘iOS 6.0’ src http id 293 c 1 host ‘Joes’s-iPad’ src dhcp

email ‘


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