Managing Guest Access

Enable Batch Account


Create multiple accounts automatically. When this is enabled:

  • User ID and Password are set to AutoGenerate.
  • The user accounts have only User ID, Password, and Expiration fields. Only the Expiration field is editable. If the expiry time is a duration, such as “8 hours”, this is the time after first login.
  • You can print the account information. Users do not receive email or SMS notification.

See To create multiple guest user accounts automatically on page 496.

User ID                                       Select one of:

  • Email — User’s email address
  • Specify — Administrator assigns user ID
  • Auto-Generate — FortiGate unit creates a random user ID


Password                                   Select one of:

  • Specify — Administrator assigns user ID
  • Auto-Generate — FortiGate unit creates a random password
  • Disable — no password


Expire Type                               Choose one of:

  • Immediately — expiry time is counted from creation of account
  • After first login — expiry time is counted from user’s first login

Default Expire Time                  Set the expire time. The administrator can change this for individual users.

Enable Name                             If enabled, user must provide a name.

Enable Sponsor                        If enabled, user form has Sponsor field. Select Required if required.

Enable Company                       If enabled, user form has Company field. Select Requiredif required.

Enable Email                              If enabled, user is notified by email.

Enable SMS                               If enabled, user is notified by SMS. Select whether FortiGuard Messaging Service or a another SMS provider is used. You can add SMS providers in System >

Config > Messaging Servers.

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