Security Profiles

Security Profiles

FortiClient Endpoint Profile improvements and new features (285443 275781 287137)

  • 275781: New options available in FortiClient Profiles.
  • 285446: VPN can be configured on the GUI either on IPsec VPN or SSLVPN and changes can be preserved.
  • 287137: In the Mobile tab, .mobileconfig files can be configured and Client VPN Provisioning can be enabled.


FortiClient Enforcement added to Interfaces (253933)

FortiClient enforcement has been moved from the Policy page to Network > Interfaces to enforce FortiClient registration on a desired LAN interface rather than a policy.


To enforce FortiClient endpoint registration – web-based manager:

1. Go to System > Feature Select and enable Endpoint Control.

2. Go to Network > Interfaces and select the internal interface.

3. Under Restrict Access, enable FortiHeartBeat.

4. Under Admission Control, enable Enforce FortiHeartBeat for all FortiClients.


FortiClient exempt list improvements (268357 293191)

  • 268357: Before you could only configure captive portal policy addresses in the CLI, but it can now be performed in the GUI.
  • 293191: Exempt List has been replaced with Exempt Sources, and Exempt Destinations/Services has been added (once an interface has been set to captive portal). Before it was only possible to configure the FortiGate interface port to captive portal through the CLI, but it can now also be performed in the GUI.

One thought on “Security Profiles

  1. Jaro Stolicny

    Has anyone made this off-box websense intergration to work? I have got everything configured per Fortinet how-to, but I still not see firewall relaying http/https request to the websense server located on customer local network.




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