Managing a FortiSwitch with FortiGate

Managing a FortiSwitch with FortiGate

Unless otherwise stated, these features require FortiSwitchOS 3.3.0 or later release on the FortiSwitch. The following FortiGate models can be used to manage FortiSwitches:


FGT-100D, FGT-140D, FGT-140D_POE, FGT-140D_POE_T1, FGT-200D, FGT-240D, FGT-280D, FGT-280D_POE,

FGT-600C, FGT-800C, FGT-1000C, FGT-1200D, FGT-1500D, FGT-3700D


New FortiLink topology diagram (289005 271675 277441)

For managed FortiSwitches (WIFI & Switch Controller > Managed FortiSwitch), the system now displays the overall topology of the managed FortiSwitches that are connected to this FortiGate.

The topology lists the FortiLink ports on the FortiGate, and displays a full faceplate for each connected FortiSwitch (also showing the FortiLink ports on each FortiSwitch). You can right-click to authorize a managed FortiSwitch or left-click to edit the managed FortiSwitch information.

The topology can displays multiple FortiLinks to each FortiSwitch, as FortiOS 5.4 provides support for FortiLink as a LAG.


New interface option to auto-authorize extension devices 294966

If you enable the auto-authorize option on a FortiGate FortiLink port, the FortiGate will automatically authorize the managed FortiSwitch connected to this FortiLink. The new option is only visible when the interface type is set to Dedicate to Extension Device.


New CLI setting to enable pre-standard PoE detection on managed FortiSwitch ports 293512

This feature is available in FortiSwitchOS 3.3.2 and later releases.

Use the following commands to enable this setting on a managed FortiSwitch port:

config switch-controller managed-switch edit $FSW

config ports edit “port1”

set poe-pre-standard-detection enable/disable (the default is disable)

next end


Reset any POE port (by toggling the power OFF and then ON):

execute switch-controller poe-reset <fortiswitch-id> <port>

Display general POE status:

get switch-controller <fortiswitch-id> <port>

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