Chapter 3 – Advanced Routing

Chapter 3 – Advanced Routing

This chapter describes advanced static routing concepts and how to implement dynamic routing on FortiGate units.

This FortiOS Handbook chapter contains the following sections:

Advanced Static Routing explains universal and static routing concepts, equal cost multipath (ECMP) and load balancing, policy routing, and routing in transparent mode.

Dynamic Routing Overview provides an overview of dynamic routing, compares static and dynamic routing, and helps you decide which dynamic routing protocol is best for you.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) describes a distance-vector routing protocol intended for small, relatively homogeneous networks.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) describes classless inter-domain routing, and aggregate routes. BGP is the only routing protocol to use TCP for a transport protocol.

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) provides background on the specific protocol explaining terms used and how the protocol works, as well as providing some troubleshooting information and examples on configuring the protocols in different situations.

Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol(IS-IS), which describes the link state protocol, is well- suited to smaller networks and with near universal support on routing hardware. The section also provides troubleshooting information and configuration examples.


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