Log View – FortiManager 5.2

Log view

Logging and reporting can help you determine what is happening on your network, as well as informing you of certain network activity, such as the detection of a virus, or IPsec VPN tunnel errors. Logging and reporting go hand in hand, and can become a valuable tool for information gathering, as well as displaying the activity that is happening on the network.

Your FortiManager device collects logs from managed FortiGate, FortiCarrier, FortiCache, FortiMail, FortiManager, FortiSandbox, FortiWeb, FortiClient, and syslog servers.

Collected logs

Device Type Log Type
FortiGate Traffic

Event: Endpoint, HA, System, Router, VPN, User, WAN Opt. & Cache, and Wireless

Security: Vulnerability Scan, AntiVirus, Web Filter, Application Control, Intrusion Prevention, Email Filter, Data Leak Prevention FortiClient


Content logs are also collected for FortiOS 4.3 devices.

FortiCarrier Traffic, Event
FortiCache Traffic, Event, Antivirus, Web Filter
FortiClient Traffic , Event
FortiMail History, Event, Antivirus, Email Filter
FortiManager Event
FortiSandbox Malware, Network Alerts
FortiWeb Event, Intrusion Prevention, Traffic
Syslog Generic

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