Event Management – FortiManager 5.2

Event Management

In the Event Management tab you can configure events handlers based on log type and logging filters. You can select to send the event to an email address, SNMP community, or syslog server. Events can be configured per device, for all devices, or for the local FortiManager. You can create event handlers for FortiGate, FortiCarrier, FortiCache, FortiMail, FortiManager, FortiWeb, FortiSandbox devices, and syslog servers. In v5.2.0 or later, Event Management supports local FortiManager event logs.

Events can also be monitored, and the logs associated with a given event can be viewed.

When rebuilding the SQL database, Event Management will not be available until after the rebuild is completed. Select the Show Progress link in the message to view the status of the SQL rebuild.


The events page provides a list of the generated events. Right-clicking on an event in the table gives you the option of viewing event details including the raw log entries associated with that event, adding review notes, and acknowledging the event.

To view events, go to the Event Management tab and select Event Management > All Events. You can also view events by severity and by handler. When ADOMs are enabled, select the ADOM, and then select All Events.

Events page

The following information is displayed:


Count The number of log entries associated with the event. Click the heading to sort events by count.
Event Name The name of the event. Click the heading to sort events by event name.
Severity The severity level of the event. Event severity level is a user configured variable. The severity can be Critical, High, Medium, or Low. Click the heading to sort events by severity.
Event Type The event type. For example, Traffic orEvent. Click the heading to sort events by event type. IPS and Application Control event names are links. Select the link to view additional information.
Additional Info Additional information about the event. Click the heading to sort events by additional information.
Last Occurrence The date and time that the event was created and added to the events page. Click the heading to sort events by last occurrence.
Pagination Adjust the number of logs that are listed per page and browse through the pages.

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