FortiView – FortiManager 5.2


The FortiView tab allows you to access both FortiView drill down and Log view menus. FortiView in FortiManager collects data from FortiView in FortiGate. In order for information to appear in the FortiView dashboards in FortiGate, disk logging must be selected for the FortiGate unit. Select the FortiView tab and select the ADOM from the dropdown list.

When rebuilding the SQL database, FortiView will not be available until after the rebuild is completed. Select the Show Progress link in the message to view the status of the SQL rebuild.


Use FortiView to drill down real-time and historical traffic from log devices by sources, applications, destinations, web sites, threats, cloud applications, cloud users, system and admin events, SSL and dialup IPsec, site to site IPsec, rogue APs, and resource usage. Each FortiView summary view can be filtered by a variety of attributes, as well as by device and time period. These attributes can be selected using the right-click context menu. Results can also be filtered using the various columns. The following summary views are available:

  • Top Sources l Top Applications l Top Destinations l Top Web Sites l Top Threats l Top Cloud Applications/Users l System Events l Admin Logins l SSL & Dialup IPsec l Site-to-Site IPsec
  • Rogue APs l Resource usage

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