FortiView – FortiManager 5.2

System Events

The System Events dashboard displays an aggregated view of system related events. You can drill down the displayed information, select the device and time period, and apply search filters.

System events

The following information is displayed:

Event Name (Descrip-


Displays the event log description. Select the column header to sort entries by event name. You can apply a search filter to the Event Name (event_name) column.
Severity Displays the severity level. Select the column header to sort entries by severity.
Counts Displays the number count. Select the column header to sort entries by count.

The following options are available:

Refresh Refresh the displayed information.
Search Click the search field to add a search filter and select the GO button to apply the search filter. Alternatively, you can right-click the column entry to add the search filter.
Devices Select the device or log array from the drop-down list or select All Devices. Select the GO button to apply the device filter.
Time Period Select the time period from the drop-down list. Select Custom from the list to specify the start and end date and time. Select the GO button to apply the time period filter.
N When selecting a time period with last N in the entry, you can enter the value for N in this text field.
Custom When Custom is selected the custom icon will be displayed. Select the icon to change the custom time period.
Severity Select the severity level from the drop-down list. Select one of the following options: >=Info, >=Low, >=Medium, >=High, or >=Critical.
Go Select the GO button to apply the filter.
Pagination Select the number of entries to display per page and browse pages.
Right-click menu  
Log View Right-click on a column and select Log View to view the log entries for the selected entry. Alternatively, double-click the column entry to view the Log View page.

Select the return icon to return to the System and Admin page.

Search Add a search filter and select the GO button to apply the filter.

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16 thoughts on “FortiView – FortiManager 5.2

  1. Stief

    Maybe you can help me. I keep seeing “No Data” if I open Fortiview on my fortimanager.
    I have 2 Fortigates (300D and a 200D) connected to it.
    If I select logview, I can see all the traffic info of both Fortigates.
    If I log on on the Fortigates, Fortiview is working fine. But somehow I can not get data in Fortiview on the Fortimanager.
    What am I doing wrong?


    1. Mike Post author

      What version of FortiOS are you running on the Manager as well as the FortiGates? (I know you posted this on the FortiManager 5.2 page but I would like to confirm)

  2. Stief

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the reply.
    It’s set to log all traffic. But also UTM stuff.
    In Logview I can see everything but Fortiview stays empty.

  3. Mike Post author

    I would check to see if ADOM’s were enabled. If they aren’t….enable them and make sure the ADOM that the FortiGate’s are a part of are listed as 5.4.

    Sometimes I notice weird shenannigans and after looking deeper it is because during the upgrade process, or something along those lines…..the FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer is still operating the devices beneath it in 5.2 mode.

    Let me know if that doesn’t make any sense. Long day so this response is sort of stream of consciousness lol

  4. Stief

    Apperently it was a bug that is fixed in the latest release. After installing everything is working fine again.

  5. surendran

    Dear Mike,
    In fortimanager under fortiview -vpn-ssl-dialup-ipsec-monitor stopped reporting for last 4 days. Pls guide how to resolve the issue.

  6. surendran

    All devices are registered/added in device manager, fortview has stopped logging from 26th april,


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