Configuring AntiSPAM Settings

Configuring antispam settings

The AntiSpam menu lets you configure antispam settings that are system-wide or otherwise not configured individually for each antispam profile.

Several antispam features require that you first configure system-wide, per-domain, or per-user settings in the AntiSpam menu before you can use the feature in an antispam profile. For more information on antispam profiles, see “Configuring antispam profiles and antispam action profiles” on page 503.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Configuring email quarantines and quarantine reports
  • Configuring the black lists and white lists
  • Configuring greylisting
  • Configuring bounce verification and tagging
  • Configuring endpoint reputation
  • Training and maintaining the Bayesian databases

Configuring email quarantines and quarantine reports

The Quarantine submenu lets you configure quarantine settings, and to configure system-wide settings for quarantine reports.

Using the email quarantine feature involves the following steps:

  • First, enable email quarantine when you configure antispam action profiles (see “Configuring antispam action profiles” on page 516) and content action profiles (see “Configuring content action profiles” on page 535).
  • Configure the system quarantine administrator account who can manage the system quarantine. See “Configuring the system quarantine administrator account and disk quota” on page 611.
  • Configure the quarantine control accounts, so that email users can send email to the accounts to release or delete email quarantines. See “Configuring the quarantine control accounts” on page 612.
  • Configure system-wide quarantine report settings, so that the FortiMail unit can send reports to inform email users of the mail quarantines. Then the users can decide if they want to release or delete the quarantined emails. See “Configuring global quarantine report settings” on page 602.
  • Configure domain-wide quarantine report settings for specific domains. See “Quarantine Report Setting” on page 394.
  • View and manage personal quarantines and system quarantines. See “Managing the quarantines” on page 182.
  • As the FortiMail administrator, you may also need to instruct end users about how to access their email quarantines. See “Accessing the personal quarantine and webmail” on page 720.
  • Configuring global quarantine report settings
  • Configuring the system quarantine administrator account and disk quota
  • Configuring the quarantine control accounts

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  1. David Geddie

    Emails from at least one customer are still going to quarantine after being added to personal AND system safe list. What am I missing?


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