Troubleshooting This section provides guidelines to help you determine why your FortiMail unit is behaving unexpectedly. It includes general troubleshooting methods and specific troubleshooting tips using both the command line interface (CLI) and the web UI. Each troubleshooting item describes both the problem and the solution. Some CLI commands provide troubleshooting information not available through […]

Best Practices and Fine Tuning

Best practices and fine tuning This section is a collection of guidelines to ensure the most secure and reliable operation of FortiMail units. These same guidelines can be found alongside their related setting throughout this Administration Guide. To provide a convenient checklist, these guidelines are also listed here. This section includes: Network topology tuning Network […]

Installing Firmware

Installing firmware Fortinet periodically releases FortiMail firmware updates to include enhancements and address issues. After you have registered your FortiMail unit, FortiMail firmware is available for download at Installing new firmware can overwrite antivirus and antispam packages using the versions of the packages that were current at the time that the firmware image was […]

Archiving Email

Archiving email You can archive email messages according to various criteria and reasons. For example, you may want to archive email sent by certain senders or email contains certain words. This section contains the following topics: Email archiving workflow Configuring email archiving accounts Configuring email archiving policies Configuring email archiving exemptions Email archiving workflow To […]

Configuring AntiSPAM Settings

Configuring antispam settings The AntiSpam menu lets you configure antispam settings that are system-wide or otherwise not configured individually for each antispam profile. Several antispam features require that you first configure system-wide, per-domain, or per-user settings in the AntiSpam menu before you can use the feature in an antispam profile. For more information on antispam […]