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Fortinet Kicking Ass On NSS Labs NGFW Security Value Report

I don’t know if you guys have seen the report of not but Fortinet has whooped some serious ass on the NGFW Security Value Report from NSS Labs. In case you don’t know, NSS Labs is a truly unbiased hardware research firm. You may be thinking to yourself, “But Mike, what about Gartner?” Well, everyone knows that the Gartner reports are all about how much money you throw to line their pockets with. Cough, I mean, Cough how well you “sell” your product to them.

NSS Labs has been providing quality third party reviews and ratings of devices for a while now and according to the NGFW Security Value Report the FortiGate 3200D placed ahead of all NGFW competitors (cough Palo, Cough Check Point) in terms of NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) effectiveness.

It’s cool though. I’m sure a lot of businesses out there will keep falling for the marketing gimmicks and flashy ads for Palo Alto and Cisco. Let them waste their money while you get better value and total cost of ownership by flying under the Fortinet flag. I swear if Fortinet would listen to some of my feature requests (mostly items listed on the “Where Fortinet is Messing Up” page of this site, and get some sexy advertising going to wow the idiots out there they would squash the competition. Oh well…

NSS Labs NGFW Security Value Report

NSS Labs NGFW Security Value Report