Global Server Load Balancing – FortiBalancer

Chapter 14 Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) 14.1 Overview GSLB (Global Server Load Balance) is also known as Smart DNS (SDNS). This function allows you to distribute Web traffic among a collection of servers deployed in multiple geographic locations. We will cover introduction of GSLB and the examples of GSLB configuration in this chapter. 14.2 […]

Certificate Management – FortiAuthenticator 4.0

Certificate Management This section describes managing certificates with the FortiAuthenticator device. FortiAuthenticator can act as a CA for the creation and signing of X.509 certificates, such as server certificates for HTTPS and SSH, and client certificates for HTTPS, SSL, and IPSEC VPN. The FortiAuthenticator unit has several roles that involve certificates: Certificate authority The administrator […]

Key Concepts

Key Concepts This chapter defines basic FortiAnalyzer concepts and terms. If you are new to FortiAnalyzer, this chapter can help you to quickly understand this document and your FortiAnalyzer platform. This topic includes: Administrative domains Operation modes Log storage Workflow Administrative domains Administrative domains (ADOMs) enable the admin administrator to constrain other FortiAnalyzer unit administrators’ […]