Wireless network examples

Wireless network examples This chapter provides an example wireless network configuration. Basic wireless network A more complex example   Basic wireless network This example uses automatic configuration to set up a basic wireless network. To configure this wireless network, you must: Configure authentication for wireless users Configure the SSID (WiFi network interface) Add the SSID […]

Configuring wireless network clients

Configuring wireless network clients This chapter shows how to configure typical wireless network clients to connect to a wireless network with WPA- Enterprise security. Windows XP client Windows 7 client Mac OS client Linux client Troubleshooting   Windows XP client To configure the WPA-Enterprise network connection 1. In the Windows Start menu, go to Control […]

Wireless network monitoring

Wireless network monitoring You can monitor both your wireless clients and other wireless networks that are available in your coverage area. Monitoring wireless clients Monitoring rogue APs Suppressing rogue APs Monitoring wireless network health   Monitoring wireless clients   To view connected clients on a FortiWiFi unit 1. Go to Monitor > Client Monitor. The […]

Protecting the WiFi Network

Protecting the WiFi Network Wireless IDS WiFi data channel encryption Protected Management Frames support   Wireless IDS The FortiGate Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) monitors wireless traffic for a wide range of security threats by detecting and reporting on possible intrusion attempts. When an attack is detected the FortiGate unit records a log message.   […]

Using Remote WLAN FortiAPs

Using Remote WLAN FortiAPs Remote WLAN FortiAP models enable you to provide a pre-configured WiFi access point to a remote or traveling employee. Once plugged in at home or in a hotel room, the FortiAP automatically discovers the enterprise FortiGate WiFi controller over the Internet and broadcasts the same wireless SSID used in the corporate […]

Wireless Mesh

Wireless Mesh The access points of a WiFi network are usually connected to the WiFi controller through Ethernet wiring. A wireless mesh eliminates the need for Ethernet wiring by connecting WiFi access points to the controller by radio. This is useful where installation of Ethernet wiring is impractical. Overview of Wireless Mesh Configuring a meshed […]

Access point deployment

Access point deployment This chapter describes how to configure access points for your wireless network. Overview Network topology for managed APs Discovering and authorizing APs Advanced WiFi controller discovery Wireless client load balancing for high-density deployments FortiAP Groups LAN port options Preventing IP fragmentation of packets in CAPWAP tunnels LED options   Overview FortiAP units […]