Feature Comparison between analyzer and collector mode – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Feature comparison between analyzer and collector mode The operation mode options have been simplified to two modes, Analyzer and Collector. Standalone mode has been removed. Table 2: Feature comparison between Analyzer and Collector modes   Analyzer Mode Collector Mode Event Management Yes No Monitoring (drill-down/charts) Yes No Reporting Yes No FortiView/Log View Yes Yes Device […]

Operation Modes – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Operation modes The FortiAnalyzer unit has two operation modes: Analyzer: The default mode that supports all FortiAnalyzer features. This mode used for aggregating logs from one or more log collectors. In this mode, the log aggregation configuration function is disabled. Collector: The mode used for saving and uploading logs. For example, instead of writing logs […]

Administrative Domains – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Administrative domains Administrative domains (ADOMs) enable the admin administrator to constrain other FortiAnalyzer unit administrators’ access privileges to a subset of devices in the device list. For Fortinet devices with virtual domains (VDOMs), ADOMs can further restrict access to only data from a specific device’s VDOM. Enabling ADOMs alters the structure of and the available […]

Dedicated Management CPU

Have a FortiGate that is getting slammed with traffic? Tired of not being able to manage the damn thing because of resource utilization? Boy do I have the fix for YOU! Hah, seriously though. If you suffer from these issues then there is definitely a way to guarantee management access to the device as long […]

Known Issues – FortiAnalyzer 5.4

Known Issues The following issues have been identified in FortiAnalyzer version 5.4.0. For inquires about a particular bug or to report a bug, please contact Fortinet Customer Service & Support. Reporting Bug ID Description 295199 Percentage on Storage Statistics can be over 100%. System Settings Bug ID Description 299318 The Actual day for Archive should […]

Resolved Issues – FortiAnalyzer 5.4

Resolved Issues The following issues have been fixed in FortiAnalyzer version 5.4.0. For inquires about a particular bug, please contact Customer Service & Support. Device Manager Bug ID Description 298415 FortiAnalyzer cannot add FortiController 5103B as a syslog device. 292606 FortiAnalyzer cannot accept logs from FortiADC. 279319 Non-existing VDOMs with strange characters are displayed. Bug […]