Custom FortiClient Installations

Custom FortiClient Installations The FortiClient Configurator tool FortiClient is the recommended method of creating customized FortiClient installation files. You can also customize which modules are displayed in the FortiClient dashboard in the FortiClient Profile. This will allow you to activate any of the modules at a later date without needing to re-install FortiClient. Any changes […]

FortiClient Settings

Settings This sections describe the available options in the settings menu. Backup or restore full configuration To backup or restore the full configuration file, select File > Settings from the toolbar. Expand the System section, then select Backup or Restore as needed. Restore is only available when operating in standalone mode. When performing a backup […]

Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan FortiClient includes an Vulnerability Scan module to check your workstation for known system vulnerabilities. You can scan on-demand or on a scheduled basis. This feature is disabled by default and the tab is hidden for standalone clients. For users who are registered to a FortiGate using endpoint control, the FortiGate administrator may choose […]


IPsec VPN and SSL VPN FortiClient supports both IPsec and SSL VPN connections to your network for remote access. You can provision client VPN connections in the FortiClient Profile or configure new connections in the FortiClient console. This section describes how to configure remote access. Add a new connection Select Configure VPN in the FortiClient […]