WAN link load balancing

WAN link load balancing In the same way that incoming traffic can be load balanced, outgoing or WAN traffic can also be load balanced and for the same three reasons. 1. Reduce the places in the work flow where a single point of failure can bring the process to a halt. 2. Expand the capacity […]

Traffic Shaping Policies

Traffic Shaping Policies New Traffic Shaper Policy Configuration Method (269943) Previously, traffic shapers were configured in Policy & Objects > Objects > Traffic Shapers and then applied in security policies under Policy & Objects > Policy > IPv4 . In FortiOS 5.4, traffic shapers are now configured in a new traffic shaping section in Policy […]

Extended-UTM-Log Enable Error

I received the following question through my consulting form: Question: when configuring application list, setting the “extended-utm-log” the I got the following error: burgfg01 (list) $ edit “RogersStandard” new entry ‘RogersStandard’ added set extended-utm-log enable burgfg01 (RogersStandard) $ set extended-utm-log enable command parse error before ‘extended-utm-log’ Command fail. Return code -61 ——— Please advise. Thanks […]

Fortinet Acquires AccelOps

In case you guys didn’t know already Fortinet has bought, or acquired, or whatever we want to call it,AccelOps. Here is an excerpt from their blog post. One of the biggest security challenges organizations face is being able to see enough of the network to identify today’s most advanced, multi-vector threats. Ideally, you need to […]