FortiOS ports

FortiOS ports

In the TCP and UDP stacks, there are 65 535 ports available for applications to use when communicating with each other. Many of these ports are commonly known to be associated with specific applications or protocols. These known ports can be useful when troubleshooting your network.


Use the following ports while troubleshooting the FortiGate device:


Port(s)                                      Functionality

UDP 53                                        DNS lookup, RBL lookup

UDP 53 or UDP 8888                   FortiGuard Antispam or Web Filtering rating lookup

UDP 53 (default) or UDP 8888 and UDP 1027 or UDP 1031

FDN Server List – source and destination port numbers vary by originating or reply traffic. See the article “How do I troubleshoot performance issues when FortiGuard Web Filtering is enabled?” in the Knowledge Base.


UDP 123                                      NTP Synchronization

UDP 162                                      SNMP Traps

UDP 514

SYSLOG – All FortiOS versions can use syslog to send log messages to remote syslog servers. FortiOS v2.80 and v3.0 can also view logs stored remotely on a FortiAnalyzer unit.

TCP 22                                        Configuration backup to FortiManager unit or FortiGuard Analysis and Man- agement Service.

TCP 25                                        SMTP alert email, encrypted virus sample auto-submit

TCP 389 or TCP 636                   LDAP or PKI authentication

TCP 443

FortiGuard Antivirus or IPS update – When requesting updates from a FortiManager unit instead of directly from the FDN, this port must be recon- figured as TCP 8890.

TCP 443                                      FortiGuard Analysis and Management Service

TCP 514                                      FortiGuard Analysis and Management Service log transmission (OFTP)


Port(s)                                      Functionality

TCP 541                                      SSL Management Tunnel to FortiGuard Analysis and Management Service

(FortiOS v3.0 MR6 or later)

TCP 514                                      Quarantine, remote access to logs and reports on a FortiAnalyzer unit, device registration with FortiAnalyzer units (OFTP)

TCP 1812                                    RADIUS authentication

TCP 8000 and TCP 8002             FSSO

TCP 10151                                  FortiGuard Analysis and Management Service contract validation

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