How to check hardware connections

How to check hardware connections

If there is no traffic flowing from the FortiGate unit, it may be a hardware problem. To check hardware connections:

  • Ensure the network cables are properly plugged into the interfaces.
  • Ensure there are connection lights for the network cables on the unit.
  • Change the cable if the cable or its connector are damaged or you are unsure about the cable’s type or quality—such as straight through or crossover, or possibly exposed wires at the connector.
  • Connect the FortiGate unit to different hardware.
  • Ensure the link status is set to Up for the interface, (see Network > Interface > Status). The link status is based on the physical connection and cannot be set in FortiOS.


If any of these solve the problem, it was a hardware connection problem. You should still perform some basic software connectivity tests to ensure complete connectivity. It might also be that the interface is disabled, or has its Administrative Status set to Down.


To enable an interface – web-based manager

1. Using the web-based management interface, go to System > Network > Interface.

2. Select and edit the interface to enable, such as port1.

3. Find Administrative Status at the bottom of the screen, and select Up.

4. Select Apply.


To enable an interface – CLI

config system interface edit port1

set status up next


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