High Availability – FortiBalancer

Chapter 5 High Availability (HA) 5.1 Overview As the network applications develop, customers have higher and higher requirements for the reliability of the network and network appliances. During network planning and design, to improve the reliability of the network, some critical network appliances must have redundancy protection mechanisms. The Clustering function mentioned in the “Clustering” […]

Link Aggregation – FortiBalancer

Chapter 3 Link Aggregation 3.1 Overview This section describes link aggregation functionality of the network. Link Aggregation is also called trunking, which can greatly improve network performance and stability. 3.2 Understanding Link Aggregation Link Aggregation or trunking is a method of combining physical network links into a single logical link for increased bandwidth. With Link […]

Advanced Network Configuration – FortiBalancer

Chapter 2 Advanced Network Configuration 2.1 Overview This section focuses on introducing the advanced network configurations, including VLAN, MNET, Port Forwarding, NAT, Dynamic Routing and IP Pool functionalities and configurations on the FortiBalancer appliance. 2.1.1 VLAN VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is used to logically segment a network into smaller networks by application, or function, […]

Initial System Setup & Configuration – FortiBalancer

Chapter 1 Initial System Setup & Configuration 1.1 Overview This section will outline the initial connection, basic setup and configuration of the FortiBalancer appliance. The easy to follow setup steps are introduced below. 1.1.1 Connecting to FortiBalancer There are three ways to connect to the FortiBalancer appliance in order to begin the configuration: Console (recommended) […]

Troubleshooting – FortiAuthenticator 4.0

Troubleshooting This chapter provides suggestions to resolve common problems encountered while configuring and using your FortiAuthenticator device, as well as information on viewing debug logs. For more support, contact Fortinet Customer Service & Support (support.fortinet.com). Before starting, please ensure that your FortiAuthenticator device is plugged in to an appropriate, and functional, power source. Troubleshooting The […]