Privacy Masking – FortiAnalyzer – FortiOS 6.2.3

Privacy Masking

Use Privacy Masking to help protect user privacy by masking or anonymizing user information. You can select which fields to mask. Masked fields show anonymous data. You can unmask and see the original data by entering the Data Mask Key that you specify in the administrator profile.

When Privacy Masking is enabled in an administrator profile, accounts using that profile have a See Original Data button in the banner.

To turn privacy masking on:

  1. In System Settings > Profile, create or edit a profile.
  2. In the Privacy Masking section, set the toggle to ON
  3. In the Masked Data Fields section, select the fields you want to mask.

The fields you select are masked in all modules that display those fields.

  1. In the Data Mask Key field, type the key that will allow users to unmask the data.
  2. In the Data Unmasked Time field, type the number of days the data is unmasked.

You can enter a number between 0-365. Logs that are older than the number of days appear masked.

To see the original, unmasked data:

  1. In any list showing masked data, click See Original Data in the banner and select Screen Picker or Manual Input.
  2. If you select Screen Picker, click a masked field, for example,

The Unmask Protected Data dialog box displays with the field you clicked already entered. If you select Manual Input, enter the masked text, for example,

  1. Enter the Data Mask Key that was set up in the administrator profile and click OK.

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