Updating the system firmware – FortiAnalyzer 6.2.3

Updating the system firmware

To take advantage of the latest features and fixes, the FortiAnalyzer firmware can be updated. For information about upgrading your FortiAnalyzer device, see the FortiAnalyzerUpgrade Guide or contact Fortinet Customer Service & Support.

Backup the configuration and database before changing the firmware of your FortiAnalyzer unit. Changing the firmware to an older or incompatible version may reset the configuration and database to the default values for that firmware version, resulting in data loss. For information on backing up the configuration, see Backing up the system on page 160.

Before you can download firmware updates for your FortiAnalyzer unit, you must first register your FortiAnalyzer unit with Customer Service & Support. For details, go to https://support.fortinet.com/ or contact Customer Service & Support.

To update the FortiAnalyzer firmware:

  1. Download the firmware (the .out file) from the Customer Service & Support website, https://support.fortinet.com/.
  2. Go to System Settings > Dashboard.
  3. In the System Information widget, in the Firmware Version field, click Upgrade Firmware. The Firmware Upload dialog box opens.
  4. Drag and drop the file onto the dialog box, or click Browse to locate the firmware package (.out file) that you downloaded from the Customer Service & Support portal and then click Open.
  5. Click OK. Your device will upload the firmware image and you will receive a confirmation message noting that the upgrade was successful.

Optionally, you can upgrade firmware stored on an FTP or TFTP server using the following CLI command:

execute restore image {ftp | tftp} <file path to server> <IP of server> <username on server> <password>

For more information, see the FortiAnalyzerCLI Reference.

  1. Refresh the browser and log back into the device.
  2. Launch the Device Manager module and make sure that all formerly added devices are still listed.
  3. Launch other functional modules and make sure they work properly.

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