FortiGate Cloud – Requirements


The following items are required before you can initialize FortiGate Cloud:

Requirement Description
FortiCloud account Create a FortiCloud account if you do not have one. A FortiCloud account is required to launch FortiGate Cloud. A primary FortiCloud account can invite other users to launch FortiGate Cloud as secondary administrator/regular users. Some customers may be using their FortiCare account. It is strongly recommended to merge these accounts to your FortiCloud account.
FortiGate/FortiWifi license You must register all FortiGate/FortiWifi devices on FortiCloud.
FortiGate Cloud entitlement Purchase FortiGate Cloud licenses from Fortinet.
Internet access You must have Internet access to create a FortiGate Cloud instance and to enable devices to communicate with and periodically send logs to FortiGate Cloud.
Browser FortiGate Cloud supports Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

For Management, FortiGate Cloud supports FortiOS 5.0.0 through 6.2.1. For devices that are running unsupported FortiOS versions, you can use the Remote Access feature.

For Analysis, FortiGate Cloud supports all FortiOS versions.

FortiGate Cloud supports all high-end, mid-range, and entry-level FortiGate models. You can find more information about FortiGate models and specifications on the Fortinet website. All FortiWifi models support FortiGate Cloud.

The FortiGate does not require a hard drive if it uploads logs to FortiGate Cloud in real-time, which you can enable under Log Settings in FortiOS.

The following table lists port numbers that outbound traffic requires. On request, Fortinet can supply the destination IP addresses to add to an outbound policy, if required.

Purpose Protocol Port
Syslog, registration, quarantine, log, and report TCP 443
Management TCP 541
Contract validation TCP 443

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